How To Celebrate Valentine’s Day In Lockdown

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you’re probably wondering how to celebrate Valentine’s Day in lockdown. While zoom calls and romantic meals in have become the norm at the moment, you may want to spice up your V-Day celebrations and opt for something a little bit more adventurous. From recreating the first meal you shared together to partaking in some sexy games, this lockdown valentine's day presents you with a different form of intimacy with your other half (yes, we know you’ve been inseparable for the majority of the year, thanks Covid).

Recreate Your First Meal


Nothing says Valentine’s Day like a romantic meal! Whether you’re celebrating online or you and your partner live together, recreating the first meal you shared together can be a lovely chance to reminisce. If your first date was at a restaurant, why not see if they’re open for takeaway or delivery? Remembering such a special & key moment in your relationship this Valentine’s Day is a perfect way to break up the cycle of the day-to-day lockdown life. Did you or your other half cook a meal for your first date? It’s time to break out the oven mitts! Recreate the first meal that you made and why not go the extra mile and try to recreate the outfit you wore too? Grab your fave bottle of fizz and reminisce of the memories you’ve shared this Valentine’s Day!

Cocktail Making


Yep, we’re all missing a night out right now, so why not bring a bit of the bar to your Valentine’s Day Lockdown plans this year? Whether you’re celebrating online or in person, a cocktail night is always a must have Valentine’s Day. Get creative and make some loved up cocktails to celebrate all the love that’s in the air! Why not go all out and buy a cocktail maker set? Protip, it also comes in handy as a last minute Valentine’s Day present! In need of some Valentine’s Day Cocktail Recipes? We’re at your rescue, boo! Get the lowdown on all of the best Valentine’s Day cocktail recipes with one of our latest blogs!

At Home Spa Day


With WFH becoming our new normal (something we wouldn’t have been thinking this time last year), you’re probably in need of a little bit of TLC. Something we’re all in need of at the moment, a little bit of relaxation never hurt anybody, especially on Valentine’s Day. So, make the most of it and grab the face masks, run the water and light the candles because this is the ultimate way to celebrate Valentine’s Day in lockdown! If you want to amp up the flirtatious vibes, why not buy a massage candle? These specially formulated candles are made for use on the skin and contain essential oils and shea butter for hydration.

Netflix ‘N Chill


Ok, so we know you’ve probably been doing this alot over the past few months, but this time it’s different! Go all out and buy a projector to get that cinematic experience again and pop on your favourite movie! Complete with a movie night kit, available from Etsy, and get ready to experience a movie night like no other! Cuddle up on the sofa and opt for your fave drink of choice,grab the chocolates and dim the lights, because your at home movie night is here for this lockdown Valentine’s Day!

Feeling totally inspired this Valentine’s Day and want a new ‘fit to show off for this loved-up day? Shop all things flirtatious vibes with our Valentine’s Day collection or head over to our blog page to get the lowdown on all things fashion, beauty, lifestyle and more!

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