How To Decorate Your Bedroom For Autumn

New season, new bedroom, ain’t that right, babe? With the prospect of lockdown numero uno on the cards, and the fate of our social lives looming in the distance more than ever, what better time to give your zen den a lil’ revamp? With a few small changes, you can turn your bedroom from a summer haven to cosy autumn dwelling. Say hello to warm, candle lit nights in bed where binge watching Netflix is that tinier bit more acceptable! From cute rugs to create a warm feeling in your bedroom to retro lamps that add that finishing touch, you’re not gonna want to leave your bedroom this autumn, girl.

New Bedding 

With the change in weather, we are all about changing up our bedding to give your bedroom a more autumn-esque feeling. We are loving duvet covers in autumnal tones such as creams, burnt oranges, burgundies and reds. Layer up your bedding by adding a blanket at the bottom of your bed, and of course no autumn inspired bedding would be complete without x1000 pillows. If you wanna give your bedding an extra spruce of autumn we are loving room and pillow scented sprays to help create a chilled n’ relaxed atmosphere, girl. 

Fairy Lights

Nothing says cosy AF more than a fresh new set of fairy lights, the perf’ addition to transform any bedroom into your very own quiet zone. We are obsessed with floor length fairy lights, so if you’ve got a wall in your bedroom that could do with some TLC, then you need some of these. Not only are floor length fairy lights an absolute LOOK, they also look cute as hell to pose beside. Get ready for your insta’ followers to have major bedroom envy when you go selfie central in front of your very own fairy lights wall in your autumn inspired bedroom. Fairy lights not your thing? We are crushin’ hard over retro styled lamps for your bedside table or desk! 


Complete your autumn inspired bedroom look with an autumnal coloured rug for those cosy and cute vibes. If you’re like us, then you love spending as much time as possible in your bedroom, so why not make it aesthetically pleasing AF? We are loving burnt orange and cream rugs for giving la chambre that lil’ something extra. Choosing a rug thats texture and colour match the rest of your bedroom is essential, so if you’re looking for some major inspo’ when it comes to getting your autumn inspired bedroom revamp right, then we suggest using Pinterest.

Scented Candles

Nothing gives us more excitement than a fresh new batch of scented candles, the perf’ addition to any gal’s autumn inspired bedroom. Whether you’ve had a long day and wanna kick it back and relax or are wanna give your bedroom that fresh wooden smell of a forest, nothing does it better than a scented candle. For autumnal vibes we are loving all things cinnamon and pumpkin scented, esp’ for a night tucked up in bed with a glass of red wine in one hand and your fave’ book in the other!

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