How To Keep Motivated Whilst Working From Home

While Working From Home has become our new normal thanks to the pandemic, losing that social interaction with your colleagues and your daily routine *may* have resulted in a lack of motivation. For many, WFH has become a whole new world and while it has opened many doors like completely disregarding commute time and having more time to do the things you actually enjoy, there are still new challenges that we face everyday! If you’re feeling a lil’ unmotivated lately and need some inspo on how to spice up your work routine, we’ve got you covered. From our top tips for making the most of your breaks to how to properly enforce a work schedule, here’s all you need to know about how to keep motivated whilst working from home.

Create A Schedule


Feel like you’re losing track of all the tasks you have to do? Whether it’s starting a schedule as soon as you wake up in the morning to plan out your day, or opting to keep track of all the jobs you have to complete for that day, a planner is what you need, girl. If you’re more of a visual learner or the thought of physically ticking a task off a list really does it for you, treat yourself to a new planner to encourage sticking to your schedule. Brands like Papier and CGD London match cute designs with chic organisation and will definitely become a must have in your day-to-day essentials. Not really about all that extraness? Keep your motivation high whilst working from home and keep a checklist open on your laptop or phone. Quick and easy, being able to visualize all your completed tasks and see what left you have to do ensures that you won’t forget about anything important jobs you have to do!

Take Regular Breaks


Whether you’re feeling burnt out after a long morning or you’ve found that your attention span is wandering after doing the smallest task, it looks like it might be time for a break, girl! According to information from the government, taking short, frequent breaks are more effective than taking longer breaks after a lengthy period of time. The best way to do it is take a 5 - 10 minute break every hour, instead of taking a 20 minute break after three hours of work. This helps to promote healthy work habits and avoids eye strain if your work revolves looking at a computer for hours a day.

Get Dressed


We know it can be super tempting to stay in your pyjamas all day and work from the comfort of your bed (because who wouldn’t want to do that) but, getting dressed for the day actually aids in productivity. Whether it be throwing on a pair of joggers and an oversized top or going for the suited and booted look, it’s essential to get changed out of your pj’s and properly start your day!

Don’t Burn Yourself Out


The burnout is real, girl! Whether you’ve been working from home since the pandemic started in March, or you’ve been on/off from the office to your home office for the past few months, it’s essential to your mental health to make sure that you don’t burn out. Once work is over and you’re clocked out, fully unplug for the evening or weekend. Don’t check any of your emails over the weekend or once you’re done for the day! Your afterwork time if YOUR time. Another great way of preventing burnout is to destress on your lunch break. Going for a quick 20 minute run or opting for a 30 minute HIIT workout is a great way to relieve any stress from the morning and start afresh after lunch. We’ve got how to keep motivated whilst working from home on lock, girl!

Don’t Work Where You Sleep


While it can be super super tempting to lie in bed and work from the same space all day, working where you sleep can induce a ‘cabin fever’ effect. Obviously we can’t go and work in our fave coffee shops anymore but switching up your view for the day is the best thing to do. While working from home has become the new normal, when we work where we sleep/lounge can make it seem like we’re not switching off from work at all. Keep the two worlds separate, and try working at your desk (if you have one) or try the kitchen table! You’ll notice how much happier you feel in no time.

Get The Worst Tasks Out The Way


If you keep putting off the worst tasks until the end of the day, chances are you’re going to be dreading it. By getting the worst tasks out of the way first thing in the morning, it gives you the rest of the day to look forward to and focus on! Getting through the rest of the day knowing that the worst is behind you will give you a sense of accomplishment and your motivation will be at an all time high, girl!

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