How To Make A Caramel Iced Latte

Feel cute and caffeinated all summer long when you learn how to make a caramel iced latte, our fave’ cold beverage right now. If you’re anything like us then you’re probably spending your whole month's wage on take-out coffees every day of the week. I mean, they are worth it but what if we told you we had the perfect caramel iced latte recipe to recreate the drink of the summer at home? Tasty and refreshing, a caramel iced latte gives off major hot girl summer vibes. Whether you need a midday caffeine kick or want a cold bev to drink on your way to work, a caramel iced latte is about to become your go-to drink this summer. 

Caramel Iced Latte

So, what ingredients will you need to make the perfect caramel iced latte at home? Let us fill you in, babe. 

½ cup of coffee

½ cup of milk (we love using oat milk as a vegan option for our caramel iced latte)

⅔ tbps of caramel sauce 

1 scoop of caramel cream

Ice cubes

If you want to make an easy caramel iced latte, then these are the basic ingredients to start with. Of course, if you want to add vanilla or fresh cream on top afterwards, then we say go for it. Not feeling a caramel iced latte? Easily change up your recipe by using Nutella, Biscoff Cream or Walnuts instead. 

How To Make A Caramel Iced Coffee

Now let’s get to the good bit - how to make a caramel iced coffee. 

Step 1 

We usually start by brewing coffee, so whether it’s instant coffee granules with boiling water or a fresh cafetiere of ground coffee, brew it to your liking to create the caramel iced coffee of your dreams. Got a coffee machine? Shots of espresso work a treat when making a caramel iced coffee!

Step 2 

Want to create a frothy and foamy texture to your caramel iced coffee? The key is blending the coffee and milk together with either a blender or a milk frother. As much as we want to make sure our caramel iced coffee tastes good, it’s a bonus if we can make it look pretty for Instagram too, right? 

Step 3 

The next step in our caramel iced latte recipe is adding the gooey caramel cream. We recommend using 1-2 scoops, but if you’ve got a sweet tooth then you can add more. Use a straw or spoon to swirl your caramel into the milk and coffee, creating a creamy caramel iced latte mixture.

Step 4 

Now for the refreshing part of the recipe, adding the ice. Depending on how cold you want your caramel iced latte, we suggest using a minimum of around 4 large ice cubes into your drink. Once you’ve added everything into your caramel iced latte feel free to add a scoop of whipped cream, a dash of cinnamon or a pump of vanilla. The choice is yours, babe. 

If you’re working from home this summer and need a caffeine infused pick-me-up to break up your day, nothing does it better than a caramel iced latte. Now you know how to make a caramel iced latte, why not invite your friends around for a cute al fresco brunch? These insta-worthy iced drinks will have everyone in your DM’s asking for the recipe.  

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