How To Make A Viral Tik Tok

Whether you want to grow your business, turn that lockdown boredom into some cash flow, or simply wanna have some fun, Tik Tok is an amazing way to use social media to grow your content channel. First things first though, you want to know how to make your account go viral on Tik Tok? If you’re bored of that 9 to 5 office life and wanna try your hand at being a social media star, then here are our easy steps on how to make a viral Tik Tok video. Charli D'Amelio, who? 

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Establish Your Niche

One way to get quickly noticed on any social media app is by having a set niche or aesthetic. Whether you wanna create funny videos, start your own foodie channel, share home decor inspo or fashion tips, picking an area will help you quickly establish what kind of creator you are. From a marketing perspective, having niche content means you can speak to a target audience, customer or client in a more relatable way. I mean, we are all for how to budget tips at 10 AM and lip sync battles at 10 PM, but if you want to make your Tik Tok brand grow then sticking to one aesthetic can help boost you within certain communities.

Get On Those Trends

A fast track way to gaining followers and going viral on Tik Tok is deffo’ using a trend. Using a trend can help you with exposure, open up your page to a wider audience, and also get on you on the Tik Tok trending viral page. From challenges, lip syncs, Tik Tok dances, and duets, once you get going with a Tik Tok trend, you’ll be addicted, babe. Another top tip is to use a trending song and hashtags!

Be Consistent

Of course we all wanna use Tik Tok for fun, but if you are using it to grow your business or want to establish yourself as a content creator, then consistency is key. We suggest that you aim to post at least two Tik Tok videos a day, and if possible, around the same time. Not sure what the best time to post on Tik Tok is? I mean, we are on the app 24/7, but posting content in the morning and evening will help you become the social media queen that you are destined to be!

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