How To Manifest Anything

So you’ve seen the inspo quotes on Insta and you’ve read The Secret, but you’re still wondering if it’s possible to manifest anything? If 2020 has left you feeling curious about the art of manifestation - us too, boo - then speaking things into existence could help manifest what you want. Whether you’ve got your heart set on findin’ a new job, wanna secure a long term bae, or simply wanna learn how to manifest good health, then we’ve got all the tips and tricks on how to manifest anything. Learn how to manifest what you want and be sure to co-create with the cosmos, unite with the universe and manifest your dreams - for real this time! The law of attraction is callin’, doll, get ready to nail the art of manifestation.

How To Manifest Something

To actually manifest anything, it probs helps to know WTF ‘manifestation’ really means. Manifestation is basically defined as the act of making something a reality through thoughts and feelings. If you want to know how to manifest something, it’s important to think about what exactly it is you’d like to manifest. Is it along the lines of a good job? A steady stream of income? Or a love life that doesn’t involve wasted dates and hours on Tinder? Whatever it is, the first and most fundamental thing is deciding what it is you’d like to manifest. Write down a list consisting of things you wanna manifest and (kind of) create a plan of action. Eliminate anything that could be standing in your way, such as negative thoughts and feelings, and start to embrace positive energy. Truly believe in yourself and trust that wherever your thoughts can go, you can go too!

How To Manifest Love

Tired of Tinder, down with dates and over one night stands? You’re not alone! Whilst we can’t guarantee the odd f*ck boy won’t make an appearance - sorry, girl - it’s totally possible to try and decrease your chances of experiencing them (again). Since the key to manifesting begins with understanding what it is you want, if you’ve been wondering how to manifest love then you must try to discover what exactly love means for you. What do you want from a relationship? How do you want to be treated? Write a few things describing your perfect partner and how you expect them to treat you. This could also help highlight any reasons that could be preventing you from finding the right kind of love, and ultimately, could be the key to helping you find the person you’ve been dreaming of.

How To Manifest Money

You’ve probs heard the saying ‘money can’t buy happiness’ about a million different times, and it’s likely that you associate having money with being stress free - right, girl? How would you feel if you found out that this could actually be your downfall? When learning how to manifest anything, your attitude and view of the world is significant in determining your success when manifesting what you want. If you’re constantly feeding into negative thoughts related to money, then it’s probably true that this negative energy is holding you back a lil. Decide why you want more money and how it will actually help you. Do you need an extra bit of cash to help with the bills, or are you just desp for a new ‘drobe? This can really help put things into perspective and give you guidance on how to set small and achievable goals to help you manifest the money you need.

How To Manifest Good Health

So you’re likely to be aware that stress and anxiety have negative effects on the body, but you’re unlikely to know just how much it impacts your physical condition. Negative energy actually makes us more likely to get sick so it’s important to ditch this ASAP. Figure out what it is that’s making you feel this way and find ways to deal with your feelings or the things that are impacting your mental wellbeing. Self-love is EVERYTHING - trust us! Add some amazing affirmations to your morning routine to really help set the mindset and start your day off feeling happy, healthy and humble. Speak it into existence and start seeing yourself as a beaut babe with good health. After all, as Plato once said: If you want to heal the body, you must first heal the mind.

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