How To Meditate If Your Mind Doesn’t Switch Off

Wanna try meditating, but can’t get yourself to sit still for more than thirty seconds? The struggle is real if you’re the kinda person whose mind just doesn’t seem to switch off. If you’re unconvinced that meditation is for you, we’d deffo reconsider that, babe. Meditation helps to improve sleep, enhance well-being and even combat anxiety and depression. The best part? It’s totally free and can be done anywhere! Ready to get started?

What Is Meditation?

You’ve probably seen some extra AF people making meditation look harder (and weirder) than it actually is. So, what is meditation? Meditation is the process of calming the mind and focusing on developing concentration and clarity. Sounds a lil complicated, right? It’s actually as simple as taking some time to sit in a quiet place and getting yourself into that calm state, paying attention to your thoughts and breathing. Your mind will naturally start to wander at first, so be prepared for random thoughts like “what am I having for tea later?”, “am I going out with the girls this weekend?” and “has that guy texted me back yet?” to pop up. This is totally normal! Meditation is something that you have to keep practising, so train yourself slowly and you’ll start seeing the benefits in no time.

Benefits Of Meditation

Meditation has so many benefits, from reduced stress, improved memory, better quality of sleep and reduced anxiety. Struggling to get those creative juices flowing? Whether you’re trying to redecorate your place, or think of that big idea in work, meditation has been linked to increased creativity. Struggle to focus? If you’re constantly drifting off or switching between tasks, meditation can help you to zone in and be in the moment. Feelin’ stressed out? Channel all of those zen vibes with a meditation sesh (this is one of our fave benefits of meditation). It’s deffo better for you than that junk food binge.

Mindfulness Meditation

If you’re still wondering how to meditate if your mind doesn’t switch off, we suggest trying mindfulness meditation. This technique is all about paying close attention to the present moment. This includes your thoughts and emotions, it’s all about shutting your eyes and focusing on what’s happening in the now. Benefits include better decision making and even improved physical health, including enhanced cardiovascular function. How amaze is that?!

Guided Meditation

Guided meditation features a ‘guide’ taking you through the mediation process. This is usually through a ‘teacher’, most likely on an app, audio track or video. Having a guide to take you through the meditation keeps you on track, perf if your mind doesn’t turn off and you need a helping hand. We love the Calm and Headspace apps for this, download ‘em on your phone and take your meditation practice with you wherever you go.

Morning Meditation

Find yourself stressed out with a million things on your mind first thing in the morning? A morning meditation sesh is probs perfect for you. Waking up, meditating and setting your intentions for the day will have you feelin’ like a total boss all week long. Take ten minutes to sit up in bed and clear your mind, then think of the good things that you want to attract in your day. You’ll be surprised, keep it up and these good things will start showing up pretty quickly!

Meditation Environment

So it’s not rocket science to work out that you need a calm and quiet space for your meditation. Create a serene space where you can truly switch off, we’re talkin’ turning off all devices, dimming the lights and sitting somewhere super comfy. Try to reduce all distractions so that your mind doesn’t start to wander. Need a helping hand to switch off? Try lighting some candles or incense and playing relaxing music. Live with other people? Give them a heads up so they don’t come into your room asking to borrow something while your mid-medi.

Ready, set, relax! Time to get your meditation mind on, boo. Once you’re feeling the chill vibes, hit our New In section for fresh feels in your ‘drobe.

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