How To Motivate Yourself On Your 'Off' Days

Sometimes life can be hard and we can all get too caught up in it. Whether it’s lack of sleep, stress, work-life balance, diet or anything else in between, we all have off days, or periods, some of the time. Feeling like you just want to curl up into a ball in a dark room, stuff your face with food and be sucked into the couch? We feel ya girl, and trust us, we’ve allllll been there. It’s natural to feel this way, but here’s some of our top tips for putting the pep back into your step, even on your ‘off’ days!

Get Out

Being stuck in the same environment for extended amounts of time can leave you feeling down and totally unmotivated. Go outside and see the sights around town or just talk a simple, quiet walk and forget about all those thoughts that have been running through your mind.

Listen To Your Fave Music

Whether you’re a hard core R&B girl, or more of a country babe, listening to your fave music can be super inspiring and help lift you out of whatever mood you’re in. Take it one step further and listen to some new tunes or see what's poppin’ on the podcast section of Spotify for some total relaxation.

Treat Yo’ Self

Whether you know why you’re feeling down or you’re just a bit unsure, giving yourself a small motivation treat can totally boost the way that you think. Whether it be having your fave snack, doing a little online shopping or giving yourself that extra time in the bath or bed, knowing that you’ve got something to look forward to, can be a serious motivator.
Treat Gif


Sometimes, working out can be the last thing on your mind to help you, or make you feel motivated. Even just fitting in a little at home workout can really help to life your mood and change your mindset for the day!
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Whatever you do to help yourself get out of that funk, we hope some of these tips have helped you babe! Wanting to treat yo’ self? Shop our New In section now and use the hashtag #luxegal for a chance to be featured!

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