How To Prepare For An Interview

So your hard work has officially paid off, and you’ve secured an interview for the job you’ve spent weeks preparin’ for - congrats, babe! Whether you’re new to the interview game and wanna know the best way to prepare for an interview, or just wanna brush up on your technique, it’s fair to say that preparing for a job interview can be a lil stressful. With the world of work changing as we know it and virtual interviews rapidly becoming the ‘new normal’, we’ve rounded up some of our fave interview preparation tips to help you nail your next interview. From techniques and tips on how to prepare for an online interview, to helping you master the dress code for office based interviews, we’ve got all the insider info to help you channel major boss babe energy.

1. Read The Job Description Carefully

Whilst you should have read and made dutiful notes when crafting your CV to specifically match the role, there’s no harm in being 110% confident when it comes to knowing what the job exactly entails. Read the job description carefully in order to fully understand what it is your employer is looking for. This will not only help you decide whether this job is really for you, but will also give you pointers on which skill sets you need to boast in the interview. Make a list of key skills and relevant experience that you can easily draw upon and develop.

2. Adapt Your Experience

So you’ve made a list of all the skills your potential employer is searchin’ for and you know the job role inside out - great start, girl! Now it’s time to adapt your experience to the role to really show ‘em what makes you stand out. Whilst you don't want your interview to sound as if you're reading from a script, key interview preparation may include writing down any experience you’ve had that relates to using that particular skill. Use bullet points and be prepared to hone in on one or two events that can be expanded upon in order to convey a clear and cohesive example that really captures how suitable you are for the role.

3. Do Your Research

It goes without saying that researching the company is one of THE most important and best ways to prepare for an interview. Learning about the company’s culture, values and overall vibe can be the difference between you nailing or failing your job interview. Check out their social media accounts to help get an idea of the kind of people that work there. Are they strictly professional? Or do you get a sense that they’re pretty casual and laid back? Use your research to help embody that personality in your interview to really embrace the company's image.

4. Anticipate Questions

Ok, so you’re never going to be prepared for every interview question they throw at you, but it’s a good idea to outline any questions you think could come up. Are you being interviewed for a management position? Or is the job of a more creative nature that may require examples of your writing? Part of reading the job description and adapting your experience accordingly suggests you’ve already predicted a few questions they may ask. From old but gold phrases such as “tell me about yourself”, to more specific questions about your skill set, it’s really easy to find popular interview questions online. Make a few brief notes of your answers (we recommend doing this in a list format) so that you can easily draw upon them in your interview. Employers LOVE when you ask questions, so make sure you prepare some of your own!

5. Dress Appropriately

For most companies, business casual tends to be the preferred dress code, but in cases where it isn’t - perhaps for more creative roles - it’s important to ensure your style is still professional. You don’t need to buy a new ‘drobe specifically for your interview, but it will defo help. Buying a new outfit could give you the confidence you need to slay the interview, ‘cos sometimes you really have gotta fake it ‘til ya make it. Check out our blog on The Best Interview Outfits For Boss Babes for all the outfit inspo you need to impress.

6. Practice Breathing Exercises

Those pre-interview nerves are REAL. We’ve been there, doll. Make sure you arrive early if you’re heading to the office to avoid any unnecessary panic - let’s be honest, traffic isn’t always on our side. Practicing simple breathing exercises or mediation can help relax the inevitable anxiety you’ll feel before an interview. We suggest trying the 4-7-8 breathing exercise to calm you down and bring you back to the moment. Inhale for 4 seconds, hold for 7, then exhale for 8 seconds. Repeat as many times as you need in order for you to stay feeling calm before the interview.
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