How To Spot A Fuckboy 101

If you’re a single gal braving the dating world, you’ve probably heard all about this breed of guy. Unfortunately, they aren’t always easy to spot, with this species of male becoming ever increasingly savvy to how we women think (damn). This kinda guy should be avoided at all costs when you’re off on your bae hunt. If you’re playing the dating game RN and wondering if your potential boo is worth binning off, check out our guide on how to spot a fuckboy!

‘Gram Slam

The first major indicator on the fuckboy scale is their Insta activity. Let’s not lie, we all love a good Instagram stalk, but some can prove way more interesting than others! If strong winds blow you to his Insta and the forecast is heavy likes on bikini and mini skirt pics, GTFO ASAP.

Label Loather

It’s a couple of months in and you’re hinting that you wanna be exclusive, but he’s hitting you with the ‘I’m not into labels’ line and saying he wants to ‘see how things go’. If a guy doesn’t wanna give you a title, chances are he’s a major F U C K boy. Time to upgrade to a guy that can’t wait to claim you like the prize that you are!

He Kinda Admits He’s One

This guy’s fave line is “Ha...yeah I know I’m a dick!”....yeah, good for you! If your man says hilarious lines like this, chances are you should listen. It ain't cool to be a dick and it sure doesn't impress us. This not so subtle hint says it all. Cut your losses and run!

Selfie Game

A quick scroll down their ‘gram reveals a series of srsly strong selfies, which look like they took way too much time and effort. This is an indicator of a guy who is fishing for some compliments, whatever you do, don’t bite! If his mirror selfies are better than yours, issa bad sign. Trynna make those dinner reseravtions and he's too busy posing with his front camera? Time to ditch him.


Never met any of his friends? Does he cancel plans when your girls are gonna be out too? Untags all pics of you guys together? Won't tell you any specifics about where he is or what he's doing (like ever)? Yep, secretive Simon is not the one! If your potential is acting shady, let’s face it, he’s prolly got something to hide. Do yourself a favour and play a permanent hiding game with him.

Does this sound a lil too familiar? Time to re-download Tinder and hit refresh on your love life, girl! Now you know how to spot a fuckboy, level up your dating game and make sure you get a man who treats you like a queen and not a toy.

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