How To Totally Nail That Work Life Balance

Being a boss babe can sometimes come at a price. If you’re pouring your heart and soul into your career 24/7, it’s easy to forget about taking care of number 1, we feel you, girl. Nailing that perfect work/life balance can seem like a tiring task, but don’t sweat it, check out these tips on how to climb that career ladder, have a lit social life and still find time for 8 hours sleep!

Be The Woman With A Plan


If organisation isn’t really your thing, consider giving it a go to totally transform your time. Treat yourself to a cute new diary, or download some apps on your phone to really get your sh*t together and plan that schedule. Make a list of all the things that you need to do in your day (of course, don’t forget some fun stuff!). Allocate time slots to each one. An hour for that gym sesh, your time at work or uni, a slot for cooking and eating your dinner and maybe a cheeky hour or two bingeing your fave series on Netflix. Plan out your outfit and lunch for work the night before, giving yourself that extra 20 mins of 'me time' in the morning. You’ll be the ‘organised one’ in your friendship group in no time!

Know Your Limits

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We get it, you’re trying to do everything and balance it all out, but sometimes you just need to know your limits. Are you the kinda gal who always says yes to everything? Start to set boundaries, like turning your work phone off after work, or setting your ‘out-of-office’ to on just before you leave for the night. If someone asks you to do a task that you know you’re too swamped for, put your mental health first and don’t be afraid to say ‘no’. That after work drink with your new team at work? Go for it! Finish off your work on Mon and make sure that you leave time to treat yourself.

Schedule A Self Date

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Find yourself putting all your energy into work, coming home and crashing, then repeating? Try to set aside one hour for a ‘self date’, where you spend some time doing exactly what YOU want to do. Whether it’s a new hobby, some beauty treatments or reading a book, make sure that one hour is always blocked out to take care of you. Commit to scheduling one thing each day, even if it’s only for an hour and watch how much more relaxed you feel.

Take Back Your Lunch Break

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Are you constantly working through lunch? Take back your lunch break and make sure that you always take that one hour out for a little break during your day. Get up and away from your desk, go for a walk round the block, read some articles online, eat your fave lunch, or catch up with colleagues to give yourself a well deserved break. Your day will fly by way quicker and you’ll return to your desk feeling refreshed and ready to go! Remember that it’s your right to have a lunch break, so make the most of that 60 mins, girl.

It’s the ultimate balancing act, but if you can work these tips into your routine, we guarantee that your work life balance is deffo gonna be on point. Wanna look like a total girlboss at work? We’ve got you! Shop our workwear collection here.
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