How To Upskill Yourself On A Budget

With the current career climate looking and feeling bleaker than ever, it’s fair to say that the prospect of bagging a job - and your dream one at that - seems to be slowly (or quickly even) slipping out of grasp. Whether you’re freshly graduated and are banking on that one chance to get your foot in the door, or you’re looking to find new work after being denounced to another figure in the unemployment stats, upskilling yourself could really help enhance opportunities. But what is upskilling and will it actually help you get a job? Upskilling basically means honing in and/or developing your skills with the aim of upping your chances of employability. It’s seeing that job on LinkedIn and realising you lack a certain few skills in xyz, or it’s wanting to further your already sufficient knowledge to ensure you’re the right fit. From 360-ing into a new career, to sharpening up those additional skills for the cv, our fool-proof guide on how to upskill yourself on a budget will give you all the inspiration you need to kick start your post-covid job hunt - as if it wasn’t hard enough already!

Find Out What It Is You Want To Learn

Fed up in the same old job doing something you’ve long lost passion for? Or is there something you’re interested in but just don’t know how to go about it? At some point in your lives, you’re likely to start questioning what it is you actually want to do in life, and this has only been made more popular since lockdown. To answer your question: “How to upskill yourself on a budget?” then we’ve got the answers. Online learning platforms have never been more in demand, with more time (adios to that long ass commute) paving way for greater opportunities, such as upskilling and reskilling, it’s totally possible to work on YOU.

Once You’ve Found Out Your Niche, LEARN IT

The hardest part of upskilling is probably finding your niche, that is, the things and/or topics you’re good at. So if you’ve made it past step one, congrats! It gets easier from here, we promise. Research some good online learning platforms and identify a course that’s right for you. Signing up to a short online course speaks volumes about your commitment, and tells the employer that you are willing to go above and beyond.

Already Know What You Love And Simply Want To Hone In On Your Skills?

That’s easy! If you’re already working in a particular area, or have recently been let go from a job you love and have an abundance of experience under your belt, then reinforce this through practice. Whether you’re looking to get into freelance (Upwork is a great starting point by the way), or are interested in showing off your skills (we love LinkedIn), there are plenty of ways to get yourself noticed. In a line of work, such as writing, media or photography, where a portfolio is a bonus? Make on and show it to every damn employer you can. If it’s your first time making a portfolio, we recommend Portfoliobox! Its step-by-step guide will help you create a killer portfolio that will definitely leave the right impression.

Clued up on how to upskill yourself on a budget? With tons of free courses to help, you’ll be prepping for an interview in no time! Stock up on interview outfits ahead of those Zoom calls when you shop our ‘New In’ Collection.

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