Influencers You Need To Follow During Self-Isolation


Missing your gals? Family starting to drive you crazy? Need a positive escape from the world? We’ve got you covered, girl.

Social media can be a toxic platform to use for many reasons, especially at pressing times such as now. We find that following platforms or accounts that make you feel good about yourself, educate, and entertain you is definitely one step in the right direction when it comes to making sure you keep your mind sane during lockdown. Here are some of our fave Insta Influencers we are following for a daily dose of positivity and inspiration during self-isolation…

Get ready to click that follow button, babe.


This beaut babe is fab for fitness videos, fashion tips, light-hearted entertainment and she also has her very own podcast called Adulting, which discusses topics such as body positivity, gender, race, identity and feminism, with a number of high profiled guests appearing on it. Transparent with her followers, she is a breath of fresh air in the industry and creates very relatable content that will open your mind and educate you during lockdown. She hosts regular book club events and live podcast shows, so why not get your squad together and grab yourself some tickets for your first post-isolation outing? Did somebody say prosecco? Yes, please!


If you want to hit the kitchen and become a domestic goddess during isolation, then Rachel Ama is your go to girl for all the best meal and snack ideas. This stunning foodie offers all of her fave vegan recipes on her insta feed, giving us all inspo on what we can feed our tummies now that we are spending 24/7 indoors. Whether you are already an avid chef or new to the kitchen, this babe has a dish for all levels. Put on your oven mitts and apron, it’s time to turn the heat up in the kitchen, gal.


Cosmopolitan’s 2019 Influencer of the Year, Florence Given, is a Feminist icon on insta. A London-based artist and author of her first upcoming novel “Women Don’t Owe You Pretty,” this total babe has made waves in the social media world, paving the way for women to always unapologetically put themselves first. Her bold and staunch art is embellished on prints, t-shirts and tote bags that you can purchase from her online store. If you are missing your gal pals and are in need of a pick-me-up then join Floss as she regularly turns on her fave tunes from her iconic Spotify playlist, and dances on her story. Her instagram will remind you of the boss babe that you are. Go get it, girl.


If you were a fan of Love Island’s Maura Higgins, then you will love Dublin-based influencer Lindsay Hamilton. Repping it for the Irish babes with her hilarious insta content, the co-host of the IT GALZ podcast, adds her sassy and hilarious personality into everything she does. From giving advice on skincare, her fave charity shop finds, to talking about her life as a mum, she really is the ultimate It Gal. Open and honest with her followers, she is a genuine influencer who has made self-isolation that little bit easier with her authentic instagram stories and tongue-in-cheek sense of humour. If you wanna’ good laugh, give this hun a follow.


When we think of what the term “influencer” really means, Megan truly pays homage to the true definition of the word. Honest, open and an all-round down to earth gal that documents her experiences of being a woman, this gorj babe is truly influential in all the right ways. Her whole ethos is about empowering women, from speaking about body image, self-worth and self-care, to being a single mum, to finding that inner-peace. Her platform is a place of positivity, which is a refreshing source of inspiration that we all need on social media.


In the words of the Queen herself, “Cling, Cling Muthaf******!”

Every gal wants to be her and every guy wants to be with her. It seems that Maya Jama is the It Girl of our television’s, radio and social media RN, and it comes as no surprise because she is an absolute babe. Stunning, smart and naturally funny, Maya teaches us that women don’t have to be one-dimensional and that we should always go after our goals.

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