Instagram Tips & Tricks For A Bangin’ Gram

Looking to up your Insta game and rack up those likes n’ followers? Whether you’re looking to become a full on fash blogger, or you’re just having a spring clean of your feed, check out these Instagram tips and tricks.

Post At The Best Time To Get Likes


It’s pretty straight forward, but you’re gonna want to post at a time that your followers are actually online. As well and good as it is coming home drunk at 3am and posting that cute mirror selfie you took in the club (that’s deffo gonna get deleted in the morning), chances are that most of your followers will still be fast asleep. If you’re UK based, amaze times to post to score some srs likes include lunchtime (12/1pm) and evening time (8/9pm). Experiment with different times and see what works for you!

Quality Over Quantity

another one

If you’re the kinda gal who gets a lil too over excited when she has pics to post (aka posting 3 super similar pics in the same outfit one after the other), take some time to chill and hold off that double post. One of our best Instagram tips is to try and space your posts evenly so that you’re not spamming TF out of your followers. Got 2 pics you wanna post in the same day? Go for a morning and evening post. Make sure that the content you’re putting out there is high quality, rather than putting out tons of okay posts, you’ll see the benefits in your likes section!

Let There Be Light

good lighting

When you’re snapping those pics for the ‘gram, make sure your lighting is on point. Well lit photos will help to make sure your Insta feed is always poppin’ off. When taking your pics, stand with the light directly facing you rather than behind or to the side of you. Every influencer knows this Instagram tip - natural light is best for your pics, head out on the weekend with one of your girls for a street style photoshoot. Can’t get out and struggling to get that good lighting in your house? Consider investing in a ring light, or nick a couple of your mum’s lamps to get that ‘gram worthy glow.

Tag, You’re It


You may have spied a few (or a LOT) of hashtags on your fave Insta influencer’s pics. You’re probs no stranger to a hashtag and what it does, but knowing which ones to pick to can be kinda hard. Steer away from generic hashtags like ‘#girl’ and ‘#smile’ and go for ones tailored to your snap. Wearing a blue silk dress? Tag it! Stuck for ideas? Search your main hashtag, e.g ‘#bluesilkdress’ and check out the related hashtags that Instagram suggests. Throw these into your hashtag section for a boost to your engagement.

Show Some Love

show some love

Looking for more likes and comments on your pics? Why not show the love to other accounts? Comment and like pics that you would usually scroll past and show love to your followed accounts. A few thoughtful comments can go a long way, try to leave a compliment rather than just a ton of lovestruck emojis. You’ll get an instant feel good feeling and they’ll probably return the favour on your recent photos. Everybody wins!

So what are you waiting for, girl? Get gramming and show us your fave Femme Luxe pieces by using the #luxegal hashtag.

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