Lockdown Flatshare Survival Guide

Like most 20-something-year olds, you’re probably riding the wave that is a global pandemic, all while you are in a flat share. Whether you live with your besties, are still in the getting to know each other stage with your housemates, or perhaps you’re living with someone you don’t particularly get along with, our tips will deffo’ make your flatshare a lot more bearable during lockdown. Don’t worry babe, we’ve got you covered.

Stay Tidy & Clean

Cleanliness is deffo’ the cause of division in most house shares. If you are sharing a bathroom and kitchen with a few other housemates, it’s important that you all pull your weight equally when it comes to keepin’ your house or flat clean and tidy. Write up a cleaning rota to make sure that everyone is taking responsibility when it comes to keepin’ your palace lookin’ 10/10.

Communicate With Each Other

For any household to run smoothly, it is key that all members communicate with each other. Whether your housemate is using your shampoo, playing their music too loud while you are trying to WFH, or they don’t help with house chores, it’s important to talk with them and address any issues in a calm manner. If you have a problem, it’s better to get everything out in the open, and it also means you can avoid writing passive aggressive notes on the fridge.

Plan A Weekly Dinner Party

What better way to bond and have a lil’ fun with your flatmates than plannin’ a weekly dinner night, babe? Let out the stress of the week over some good comfort food and a glass of wine, and take time to enjoy each other’s company. Spice things up and take it in turns to cook every week, or throw a country themed dinner party and pick a different cuisine every week. Being in lockdown is a strange and tough time for everyone, so it’s important that you are all there for one another!

Have Some Alone Time

During these difficult times, self care is something that we should all be trying to practice. Having alone time is perfect for clearing your mind and recharging, esp’ when you are trapped indoors all day with the same group of people. Whether you take some time alone to read, cook yourself a nice meal, organise your room, or have a pamper night, some quality time with yourself will make you feel a lot better, girl.

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