Love Island Couples Still Together

After over a year-long hiatus, the highly anticipated Love Island 2021 is making a comeback to our screens, so buckle up because it’s set to be a long, hot summer of fun. Just as our social lives are opening back up, Love Island is gracing our TV’s once again, and will we be home before 9pm every night to tune in? The answer is hell yeah. The sweet feeling of hot weather, even hotter singles and major drama would have been very helpful trashy T.V viewing in lockdown, but alas, we will still welcome it with open arms this summer. In anticipation of the ITV show starting again this month we thought we would take a trip down memory lane and look at the Love Island couples who are still together. Whether they coupled up while they were in the villa or found love with an islander from a different series, say hey to Love Island couples

Camilla And Jamie 

So, what Love Island couples are still together? Unlike most of the Islanders who were influencers or socialites before they entered the villa, 2018’s third runner up Camilla Thurlow worked on the bomb detecting squad. Her Love Island journey was as risky as her job, but she finally met her match towards the end of the season with model Jamie Jewitt. This loved up pair are one of the longest lasting Love Island couples still together and have not got engaged, but they've also had a beautiful baby girl together. It’s evident that this show isn’t all selfies and chats around the fire-pit, and that you can actually meet the love of your life.

Molly-Mae and Tommy

Undoubtedly one of the most popular couples to come from the show, 2019 runners up Tommy Furey and Molly-Mae Hague, are to many peoples initial assumptions, one of the Love Island couples still together. Although the pair are only in their early twenties, they’ve gone from strength to strength since leaving the villa and seem as in love as ever. Molly-Mae has built a social media empire while her boo Tommy is still boxing. Out of all the couples still together from Love Island, we definitely have a soft spot for these two!

Jessica And Dom

Another Love Island couple that have defeated the odds, got married (live on television, and have also popped out a little love Island baby, 2017 contestant Jessica and Dom were not viewers favourites when he dumped Montana for Jess, and then didn’t leave with her when she got voted off. Alas, he has turned out to be a good bloke and the two seem as happy as ever, being one of the very few Love Island couples still together.

Cara And Nathan 

OG Islanders Cara Delahoyde and Nathan Massey were destined to be together. From the very first day when they coupled up together, to winning the show, marriage and two babies, we think that this pair are probably one of the most successful (and cutest) Love Island couples still together. If you ever wondered if going on the show actually works, then these two are a poster pair for couples still together from Love Island.

So, how many Love Island couples are still together? Despite it’s bad reputation, there’s actually quite a lot of islanders who have found love and stayed together long after the show. Olivia Bowen and Alex Bowen are married, Siannise Fudge and Luke Trotman have a puppy together, 2020 winners Finn Tapp and Paige Turley are living the high life in Manchester. Round of applause for these Love Island couples still together!

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