Mean Girls Outfits For October The 3rd

Make sure you’re lookin’ fetch AF on this year's October 3rd, whether you wanna go for that ‘get in loser we’re going shopping look’ or get all glammed up for that end of year spring fling. Don’t worry, gal, we’ve got a mean girls outfit that will leave you looking super cute in every insta pic, not to mention keeping you out of that famous burn book for sure. Read on to find that perf mean girls ‘fit.

#1 Cady Heron (it’s pronounced Caty)

Cady Outfit

Cady starts off with an ultimate cool casj look and turns into the stylish queen bee. Wanna rock both her looks? Show up and turn some heads in a red halter neck top teamed with dark wash flare jeans for that stunnin’ Cady Heron outfit. Make yourself look like, really pretty by adding these gorg boots to your basket to finish that amaze ‘fit off.

#2 Regina George

Regina Outfit

Be an abs babe like Regina George in a pink pleated skirt, pair with a white tee for a super spicy style. After all “ON WEDNESDAYS WE WEAR PINK”, don’t forget this main rule to make sure you can sit with the squad at dinner, hun. Still need an outfit for that ‘whatever I’m getting cheese fries’ part of the day? We’ve got your back, just add some beaut pink heels and you’re good to go.

#3 Gretchen
Gretchen Outfit

Don’t worry, Gretchen, hoop earrings are your thing! Hoop earrings are the ultimate accessory to top off your mean girls inspired outfit. Shop our checked skirt and team with a pink sweatshirt for a look that you can wear all year long. This fierce ‘fit is perf for wearing to date night with bae, and is guaranteed to put hearts in his eyes. Style with a checkered belt to make sure you’re slayin’ at all times.

However you choose to spend mean girls week, we hope you have an amaze time and remember, you can’t help it if you’re popular!
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