Money Saving Tips To Take You From Broke To Boujee

We all know saving money can be hard AF and with temptation at every corner, you need some serious willpower to not blow your next paycheck on everything you’ve been adding to your wishlist this month, but we totally feel you! If you’re looking for a sign to save that dolla’ this month, take it as this! We’re here to help, babe...

Cut Down On Unnecessary Sh*t

No, you don’t need to have another take away AGAIN this week (we promise you’ll survive), treats days are fine every now and again but having take away on take away deffo’ isnt good for your bank balance! All your office mates heading out to buy lunch? Slow down, girl! Meal prep at the start of the week or just simply pack your own lunch for an instant way to cut back on that unnecessary spendin’ for a super cheap alternative!

Budget Budget Budget

Avoid checking your bank statement for weeks because it gives you major stress vibes? We’ve all been there, babe! There’s sooooo many simple ways to help budget for the coming weeks, like apps that help track your spending and notify you when you’re close to your limit! Or keep it classic with a simple notepad and pen and challenge yourself by setting a limit and see if you can stick to it and you’ll soon be used to the budget life in no time.

You Don’t Need It

We’ll be the first to admit we’ve all been there, you fall in love with that fire piece of clothing and order it straight away, then a few days later your see something else that catches your eye that you just have to have and order again. And again. Annnnnd again. Before you know it you’ve got a pile of clothes building up all with the tags still on and that event you convinced yourself you’d wear it to, well, something else caught your eye instead. Restraint is key here and you just need to tell yourself that you don’t need to order the same white top with a different slogan on AGAIN. Let your NDD take a break and give your bank balance a (well deserved) rest!

Pay Day Isn’t Treat Day

Just because it’s payday, doesn’t mean you need to treat yourself to everything you’ve been wanting lately. Think of payday as just another day and not an excuse to blow your whole paycheck in one go (because we all know how easy it is to do that!) Instead, save your money for a few months for that one expensive item that you’ve been wanting for soooooooooo long and really feel the benefits of saving that dolla!

We really hope this has given you some tips on how to go from broke to boujee! Good luck, babe (you’re deffo’ going to need it!)

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