Nail Trends For Summer 2020

Get ready to brighten up your tips with some of our fave and most vibrant 2020 nails trends. It’s high time to ditch those nude nails and show your nail tech some srsly poppin’ summer nails that’ll look major on the ‘gram. From bright neons to perfect pastels, we’ve rounded up some of the best trending nail colours that’ll have your nail game on point. Whether you’re into lengthy acrylic nails for achieving that satisfying tap as you flick through Tinder, or prefer something short and gorg’ like gel nails, these nail ideas will keep you hands lookin’ beaut all season long. Nail trends 2020? Nailed it!

Butterfly Print

butterfly print nails

As if we weren’t already obsessed with this 90s comeback, butterfly print nails are here to set your summer 2020 to a relatively flying start. Show these babein’ nails by Betina Goldstein to your nail tech to copy this must-have look.

Colour Pop

colour pop striped nails

Slay lookin’ bright and bold by opting for colour rich shades to keep your fingers looking fresh. Mix and match your way through the colour chart with this stripy n’ stylish design by Betina Goldstein that’ll make any outfit pop.

Colour Tips

neon colour tips

Not ready to ditch your tips this season? Switch up your Frenchie by rocking neon tips on a nude and neutral nail. Loved by Kardashian's, these nails inspired by Chaun offer a subtle alternative that will keep your nail game strong and your look boujee.


geometric nails

Can’t settle with just one colour? Whilst you might not be able to cut shapes anytime soon, your nails defo can! Inspired by Jessica Washick, we love these geometric nails for being that b*tch who's nails make 'em stare. Own it!


neon orange nails

Go all out neon and try these o-mazing orange nails inspired by Nail Sunny. Whether you’re crushin’ on neon pink, orange, yellow or blue, neon is the ultimate way to brighten up any ‘fit. It is summer after all, babe!


seaglass green nails

Whilst you won't be makin' a splash on the beach, take a dip in the seaglass trend with these flattering nails inspired by Jessica Washick, ‘cos you don’t need bold and pigmented colours for vibey AF summer nails. Opt for a beaut blue hue or try a brighter neon shade for a subtle yet impactful look.

Tie Dye

tie dye nails

Searchin' for nails that are tie dye for? Make sure you absolutely nail the tie dye trend by completing your look with a funky colour fusion. These nails are totally on our radar, and we are 100% stealin’ Chaun’s design for our own nails this summer!

Ready to steal some nail inspo from these nail boss babes? Us too, doll. Whilst you’re waiting for that long awaited nail app, why not check out our beauty range for cute and affordable alternatives that’ll keep you feelin’ like a #luxegal? Summer nails = pending!

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