Nice Coffee Shops in Manchester For National Cappuccino Day

It's national cappuccino day, and we are more than excited to disclose our favourite coffee shops in and around Manchester for you to try out! We’ve pulled together a list of some of our favourite cafes and we’re sure there will be some cute coffee shops nearby that you didn't even realise existed. Get ready for some frothy coffee, we are in heaven thinking about these foamy refreshments.

Black Sheep Coffee and Cocktails

This is one of our favourite coffee shops in Manchester, there are four to choose from in the city centre, housing delicious coffee, bagels, and sweet waffles their menu is full of delicious delights. Their cappuccinos are not one to miss so make sure you check out this coffee shop for national cappuccino day. 

Ezra & Gil

Ezra & Gil have two cafes in Manchester, providing us with not only top notch coffee but some delicious brunch options and sweet treats. Ezra and Gil is a coffee shop nearby that you can go to if you're not too sure which kind of coffee or food you want to go for.

19 Cafe Bar

Why not try this scrumptious coffee shop for the ultimate cappuccino and treat! They have some jaw-dropping french toast and pancake options to check out. 19 Cafe Bar also offers some tasty cocktails and beers to quench your thirst if you're looking for an extra kick after a cappuccino. 

Fig + Sparrow

The Fig + Sparrow cafe has a great atmosphere, situated in the northern quarter it has a relaxed vibe and hosts some delicious coffee and brunch food for you to choose from. We are definitely excited to go here for national cappuccino day, one of the cutest coffee shops in Manchester.

Idle Hands

This coffee shop not only offers unbelievable coffee for national cappuccino day, but also some tasty treats to accompany your drink. Treats ranging from sticky toffee pudding pie, to a peanut butter marshmallow espresso pie, these desserts look unreal and we defo need to grab a bite ASAP!

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