Noughties Style Inspo

The 00s were the good old days, if you were growing up in this era you’ll remember dancing around to your portable CD player, colouring in with neon gel pens and idolising Paris Hilton! The fashion however, was a lil bit questionable! We can safely say that we’re happy to leave super low rise jeans in the past, but with some of the more wearable trends making a comeback, we’re here to spoil you with a lil noughties inspo!

Cargo Pants


Remember combat style cargo pants? These trousers are trending once again! We love a good pair of cargo trousers with a black long sleeve body. Keep it classic with our Sunny Khaki Cargo Trousers or go for a twist on the trend with our Neon Cargo Trousers. Team with a black PU crop top and some barely there heels to nail night out dressing.

Metallic Madness


The noughties saw everyone going mad for metallics. This is a trend we can totally get on board with, if it’s good enough for J.Lo, it’s good enough for us! Metallics are making a comeback in loadsa ways, we love the Tasha Metallic Mini Dress for taking on this trend. Team with a matching metallic bag and heels for maximum metal vibes!

PU Everything


2000s were full of PU everythaaang, no complaints from us! This material is amaze for framing your figure and creating a slick and sassy look. Take a lil inspo from the matrix and go for a pair of retro shades with a full on PU outfit. If you’re not feelin’ like going all out with this trend, start with a PU corset top like the Amy and layer it up with more PU each time you wear it!

Pink AF


Noughties fashion was all about head to toe pink, as seen on Paris H! Pink is still one of our fave colour, especially for a night out. Slay pink fashion with the Victoria Neon Pink Co-Ord, this retro inspired set will give you all the pink feels you need. Team with some perspex heels and a cute vintage bag for a ‘gram breaking look.


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