Nutella Recipes To Try At Home

Happy World Nutella Day, girl! On the 5th Of February every year, the world celebrates World Nutella day, a day to revel in all that sweet, hazelnut cocoa spread. Beginning the celebrations in 2007, an American blogger called Sara Rosso, who was living in Italy at the time, came to love the spread and thought there should be a whole day dedicated to this delicious, sweet treat. Whether you eat straight from the jar with a spoon (or your hands, we won’t judge) or you’re all about spreading it on toast for that morning wake up call, we’re here to celebrate World Nutella with a few new recipes that you can try.

Nutella Brownies


(Credit: kirbiecravings.com)

Put a twist on that classic brownie recipe when you add Nutella into the mix! Taking only 20 minutes in total, this three ingredient Nutella Brownie is the perfect way to celebrate World Nutella Day! Taking only 5 minutes of prep time and 15 minutes to bake, these brownies are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth craving.


1 ¼ Cup Of Nutella

2 Large Eggs

½ Cup Of All Purpose Flour

Check out the recipes right here for all the instructions.

Nutella Stuffed Cookies

(Credit: janespatisserie.com)

In the mood for a sweet treat? Opt for something quick and easy when you try these Nutella Stuffed Cookies. Get all that gooey goodness and take your baking skills up a level with this delicious recipe.


15 Tsps of Nutella

115g Unsalted Butter

175g Light Brown Sugar

1 Tsp Vanilla

1 Medium Egg

275g Plain Flour

½ Tsp Bicarbonate of Soda

½ Tsp Salt

1 Tbsp Cornflour

200g Finely Chopped Chocolate

Head over to the website here to get the lowdown on the instructions for this recipe.

Nutella Cake

(Credit: bbcgoodfood.com)

Feeling ambitious this World Nutella Day? Put your baking skills to the test when you take on this Nutella cake. Perfect for satisfying that sweet tooth, this cake will leave you wanting more for days after!


200g Caster Sugar

200g Unsalted Butter

3 Large Eggs

200g Self Raising Flour

2 Tbsp Milk

250g Nutella

For Decoration

250g Nutella


Head over to the website to get the lowdown on this recipe.

Nutella Cheesecake

(Credit: lifeloveandsugar.com)

What could be better than a no bake cheesecake this World Nutella Day! Even though this recipe is a little bit on the time consuming side, the pay off will be so worth it, girl.


264g Oreo Crumbs (seperate from filling)

56g Melted Butter

678g Cream Cheese

104g Sugar

1 Tsp Vanilla Extract

470g Nutella

21g Cocca Powder

Whipped Cream

Combine all the ingredients here at the website and see how this delicious no bake cheesecake is made!

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