Oh Snap! 4 Ways To Style Hair Clips

We’re sure you’re well aware that hair clips are totally trending RN, these snappy lil numbers are being spotted on all our fave influencers and celebs and we’re totally here for it. This 90s and 00s revival trend is perf if you’re the girl in your friendship group who definitely isn’t the most talented when it comes to hair styling. Wanna know where TF to get started and how to style hair clips? We’ve got ya, girl, have amaze hair in an instant with these slide n' snap styles.

The Slogan Slide

slogan hair slide

Let your hair do the talkin’ and go for a slogan hair slide to make your next outfit extra expressive. We’re loving a slogan slide and what better way to glam up your hair than to go for a diamante version like the Mansi hair slide. This cute clip looks amaze with straight n’ sleek hair. Apply some hair serum to your sleek, straightened hair to have the clip slide in smoother than the guys in your DMs. Wear around 5 inches down your hair for a totally talkative touch to your look.

Oversized Vibes

diamante hair clip and slides

Remember the small pink snap clips and metal slides you used to rock back in the day? They’ve been given a supersized makeover and doused in diamonds to create a look that’s boujee AF. The Robyn clips are amaze for wearing on a night out with a killa dress and super high heels. Seperate a small piece of hair from one side and tuck back, securing in place with the clips. Warning, these clips will cause girls in the bathroom queue at the club to keep asking where you got ‘em from.

Sparkle Slide

sparkle hair clip

Looking for a shortcut to spicing up a kinda plain outfit with minimal effort? Meet the sparkly hair slide, your two second shortcut to shinin’ like a star. This might just be the easiest way to style your hair, like ever...perfect for if you’re a lil lazy or in a rush after getting caught in the ‘just one more episode’ Netflix cycle when you were meant to be getting ready. Twist two sections of hair from the front of your face and put them at the back of your head, securing in the middle with the Uta slide. You’ll be surprising your friends when you actually show up on time.

Mix N’ Match

slogan and pink clips and slides

Indecisive? Bit of a non-committer? Don’t settle for one style, mix and match two types of clips or slides for a unique look. We’re loving the combo of a plain pink clip with a slogan slide for a pic and mix vibe. Team the Mansi slogan hair slide with the Dai pink hair clips to secure a srsly hot selfie, ideal for when you’re trying to catch your crush’s eye on the ‘gram!

If you’re dying to try the hair clip trend, shop your fave look or check out the full range here. Make sure you show us your hot hair flex on Insta with the #luxegal hashtag.


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