Our Fave Creative Makeup Looks From Dua Lipa

To celebrate the 26th birthday of Dua Lipa, we’ve rounded up a list of our fave creative makeup looks from the reigning pop princess. Dua’s known for serving constant fashion lewks but we think her creative makeup designs deserve their own special mention. With the help of her MUA’s, Dua’s creative makeup has single handedly resurrected the glitter eyeshadow trend. Whether you want to go full on disco-space diva or you just want a touch of sparkle, get inspired with these statement creative makeup looks. We’d suggest keeping your base simple and glass-like with a neutral lip to avoid your creative makeup looking too costume-y. Even if you’re not going out, get (future) nostalgic by experimenting with these creative makeup looks in your bedroom! Grab your hairbrush and blast out your fave Dua Lipa song for the full teenage experience.

Creative Makeup Look #1

Image via Instagram

Our number one favourite creative eye makeup look from Dua Lipa is, of course, her pinky-purple Grammys look. We have Dua’s makeup artist Samantha Lau to thank for this iconic creative makeup look. A quick browse through her Insta page shows that, sadly for us, she is quite cryptic about the products she uses. Fortunately, YouTuber Julia Adams breaks down the creative eye makeup look using affordable products in her easy to follow tutorial so you can still cop Dua’s look! 

Creative Makeup Look #2

Image via Instagram

Historically, blue eyeshadow has been synonymous with school discos but this creative makeup style is making an *adult* comeback. This stand out look is the work of popular celeb MUA Lisa Elridge. Lisa is also responsible for other major Dua Lipa creative makeup looks and she has step-by-step tutorials for nearly every one on her website for you to try out. If you’re stuck for creative makeup ideas for your next BNO, it’s worth a look. Time to bring out the Stila and get busy with the glitter!

Creative Makeup Look #3

Image Via Instagram

Dua makes it purple rain with her 00’s inspired creative makeup look. We weren’t equipped to pull off such creative makeup designs back then, but now the makeup world is relentless and you can buy quality products from absolutely anywhere. Avoid ending up like the little girl glitter meme at the end of the night by prepping your creative makeup look with a primer and finishing with a decent setting spray. 

Creative Makeup Look #4

Image via Instagram

This neon look for Dua’s Physical music video proves that creative makeup designs don’t have to be complex. Try this look for yourself using the affordable Beauty Bay ‘Youtopia’ creative makeup palette featuring 8 electrifying hues. Dab a little colour into the corners of your eyes and watch them POP (not literally of course, that would be terrifying). Why not mix a few colours from your creative makeup palette and create a look that’s completely unique to you?

Brb, just adding every single colour of glitter eyeshadow to my basket. Thanks Dua for all of your creative makeup designs that we’re shamelessly going to steal for ourselves! 

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