Our Manchester Fitness Favourites!

Hot girl summer is here, and whatever you’re wanting to do this summer to feel like your true boss self, some of you may be wanting to take some more time to exercise and get stuck into your new fitness frenzy. Each to their own. But, if you’re wanting to kick start your health and fitness journey then we’ve put together a short guide of some of our favourite health and fitness classes around Manchester.


Located in Ducie Street Warehouse, BLOK has loads of fitness classes to offer both in the studio and online, so if you can’t get out and into town you can exercise from the comfort of your own home! BLOK has loads of different classes to offer, from ballet barre to ‘cardio killer’ classes, whatever style of workout you’re after, BLOK has you covered.


If the usual high intensity cardio workouts or deadlifts aren’t your thing, then why not try out one of Bodybarre’s pole dancing classes! It’s a fun new way to get fit and improve your strength, and if more people go then the more it’ll help to break the stigma around pole dancing, and help it to not be such a taboo subject for young women!

If you’re feeling a little bit more adventurous, Bodybarre also offers aerial classes, gymnastics and burlesque! Perfect for those who are bored with their usual fitness routines.

Yoga Soul

Yoga has taken over the fitness world by storm! It’s taken much more seriously and is less likely to be associated with your local hippie. Manchester’s own Yoga Soul is the perfect place to start if you’re new to yoga because they’ve got a range of classes for you to try and the teachers are super informative, and are always on hand to offer help and advice, both during and after the class.

If you’re already a yoga pro and want to get stuck into your yoga classes more, then Yoga Soul also hold special events that allow you to enjoy yoga in a different setting and get more stuck in!


GSquared is one of the latest gyms to come to Manchester, it offers loads of different facilities and has even been named Manchester’s most advanced gym. This gym has loads of personal trainers and fitness experts to help you navigate your way through your fitness journey whilst encouraging you to do your best! It’s definitely the most boujie gym you’ll find in the city.

One thing that we LOVE about GSquared is that it’s one of the safest gyms for women in the city, which is a super important factor when it comes to finding somewhere you want to work out because how safe we feel definitely changes how we feel about working out, and we deserve to feel safe no matter where we go!

Barry's Bootcamp

If you’re the least bit into celebrity gossip or reality TV, then you’ve probably heard of Barry’s Bootcamp in Los Angeles, but finally Barry’s Bootcamp has finally come to the UK with gyms in London and Manchester, so you can enjoy some celeb worthy fitness treatment. By the looks of their Insta, it’s definitely for all of you regular gym girlies who need a more intense gym sesh to spice things up.

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