Our Met Gala 2022 Fashion Favourites!

It’s that time of year again, when all the fashion girlies come out to play and relive their annual mental snap where their inner Anna Wintours come out to judge couture from fashion’s biggest event. The difference between us and Anna Wintour is last night she was wearing a glamorous Chanel look, and we’re judging the celebrity looks from the comfort of our own beds in mismatched pyjamas. But judge we have.

We’ve put together our top fashion favourites from the met gala 2022, and we hope you like them just as much as we do!

Gilded in glamour. Literally.

Cardi B never fails to keep all eyes on her when she’s on the Met Gala stairs (do I need to remind you of her Met Gala 2019 look?), and this look does not disappoint. 

Cardi rocked up to the staircase to fine art wearing fine art herself in an extravagant custom Versace dress. It’s a completely head-to-toe gold gilded dress that matched her Versace wrapped car, a pairing that proves Cardi’s commitment to serving looks. This is just a reminder that she is always one to look out for. 


            Billie Eilish, The Met Gala 2022

She's the one.

Billie Eilish has become a regular at the Met Gala, and has become someone we look forward to seeing each year. Billie was perhaps one of the only guests who was totally on the mark when it came to this year’s dress code and like always, she did not disappoint. 

For the Met Gala 2022, Billie opted for a custom Gucci gown made entirely of recycled material. Her upcycling inspiration doesn’t stop there, she accessorised her show stopping dress with vintage jewellery and chic opera glove moment. It’s such a well put together look that it’s impossible for us to get mad about it, so it’s a winner for us. 

When we tell you we're obsessed.

In case you forgot, SZA is an icon of our generation, and she definitely reminded us of that last night with one of her hottest looks yet.

SZA turned heads in a fierce hot pink custom Vivienne Westwood dress, and accessories it with black thigh high latex boots, black latex opera gloves and a gigantic black hat that makes sure you take in her look from head-to-toe. It’s a look that belongs in The Met. 

Bridgerton's diamond the Met Gala babe.

Bridgerton star Simone Ashley had a stunning Moschino moment for her first Met Gala, and it was all of the glam that we expected to see from such a glamour queen.Simone was designed a custom opera-style gown by Moschino, and she looked utterly regal. It seems simple at first but after doing a double take of the bejewelled bralette it’s the ultimate nude illusion!

We're obsessed, and can't wait to see what else Simone Ashley styles up for the next Met Gala!

Y2K does The Met.

Versace clearly dominated the Met Gala with their gilded glam looks, as Olivia Rodrigo is another style icon who took to the iconic staircase in one of Versace’s best looks.

Olivia Rodrigo shows off her stunning style in a glittery purple gown that’s been refreshed with a thigh high slit and sheer opera length gloves, then accesorised with some dainty purple butterflies. It’s a simple touch that gives a 90s twist to this year’s dress code. We’re in love and we want it all. 

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