Secret Santa Gift Ideas For Your Work Bestie

The lead up to Christmas might be very different this year, but we can still get festive AF, right? There may be no decorations at your desk, no Karen from accounts complaining that the flashing lights are distracting her, and no ‘Dave and Sandra snogged’ drama at the office X-mas party. But hey, at least we still have Secret Santa? With so many people feeling a lil’ lonely and probably a bit hopeless this holiday season, putting a bit more thought into your Secret Santa gift could really boost a work colleague’s mood. Whether you are looking for a Secret Santa gift for your boss, the perfect Secret Santa mug to give to your fave’ work buddy, or just wanna add some festive cheer to the office and give an unexpected Secret Santa present to the cleaning lady, we have all the best ideas for Christmas 2021 for you, babe.

Mini Humidifier

We are all about cute AF additions to our work desk and they make fab Secret Santa gift ideas for work colleagues. Practical and aesthetically pleasing, why not treat your work bestie with a Mini Humidifier for their desk? Whether they are WFH or are cooped up in an office all day, a mini humidifier for their desk is a 10/10 Secret Santa gift idea to give your work pal. (It works out even better if you sit next to them - win, win!) We are loving the Renogy Mini Humidifier as it comes with a USB port and makes zero noise. Plus, it’s only £11.99 so you can get an amaze’ gift without breaking the bank, babe.

Yankee Candle Set

Okay, let’s be real, in the world of candles, Yankee candles are elite. With lockdown and restrictions looming over the Christmas holidays, we all need a lil’ bit of escapism and scented candles deffo’ help with that. Give your work colleague a Secret Santa gift that will help them relax and have their gaff smelling gorj’ and opt for a Yankee Candle Set. We are loving this particular set as it comes with ten different scents, so they are bound to like at least one.

2021 Notepad Diary

After a turbulent 2020, we are all pretty hopeful for a slightly more normal 2021. What better way to feel like you’ve got your sh*t together than with a diary notepad for the coming year? Give your work bestie a lil’ inspo’ to get organised and planning when you give them a 20121 diary as a Secret Santa gift. This is a perfect Secret Santa gift for your boss. We are obsessing over Getting Personal’s custom made personalised 2021 diaries for an extra special touch.

Tea Box

Time to get sippin’, babe. Nothing beats cosying up with a warm cup of tea when it’s cold outside, esp’ when you’re working from home by yourself. Give your work colleague as Secret Santa gift that is comforting and wholesome AF (‘cos we could all do with a bit of that right now) and give them a tea box. From turmeric and mint teas to green and honey, you will help your work colleague take some time for themselves for some much needed TLC. We are loving the Pukka Herbs Tea Selection Gift Box as it is full or healthy and organic teas that help release anxiety and stress, as well as boosting up your immune system. Oh, she’s a healthy queen!

Tarot Card Deck

We are a lover of Secret Santa gift ideas that are a bit different, which is why we are lovin’ the idea of getting your work bestie a deck of Tarot cards and crystals for their Christmas prezzie this year. When it comes to Secret Santa presents it night be pretty niche, but the perfect gift if you wanna change things up. Help them channel their inner Mystic Meg and align their chakras just in time for the new year.

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