Signs Of A Toxic Friend

If 2021 doesn’t have time for anything, it’s a toxic friend. Like any type of a relationship, whether it’s a romantic one or family, friendships are often put to the test. Friends are allowed to make mistakes and although we should always make room for forgiveness, if your “bestie” is bringing you down more than she is building you up, you could be experiencing a case of the ‘toxic friend’ without even knowing it. Not too sure what the signs of a toxic friend are? Let us give you the low down, babe. From noticing the signs of a toxic friend, knowing how to deal with toxic friends, and how to get rid of toxic friends, we’re here to help you make way for a healthier and happier life. As much as we all love Mean Girls, frenemies are not the one.

What Is A Toxic Friend? 

Feel like you’re living through a real life episode of Love Island with the constant b*tching and negativity? The truth is, you’re probably dealing with a toxic friend or a toxic friend group. If you feel like the people who are meant to be your number ones are bringing more toxicity than positivity to your life then you need to know how to cut ties with a toxic friend for your own good, babe. Of course everyone has their down days and diva moments, but if your bestie is having some serious Regina George moments, then you’ve got a toxic friend on your hands.

Signs Of A Toxic Friend 

The signs of a toxic friend can be quite hard to point out at the beginning, which is why subtle toxic friends have a way of sticking around even though they are bringing a lot of negative energy to your life. We all make mistakes, but if your bestie forgot your birthday, is always bailing on your plans last minute, is sharing your secrets with others, or talking about you behind your back, should you really be giving them chance after chance? If you’re giving more than you’re getting in return, you don’t feel like you can trust them, or they are constantly putting you down, then you are probably dealing with a toxic friend. Whether it’s a new pal or somebody that you’ve known your whole life, you deserve a BFF who always has your back.

How To Deal With Toxic Friends 

Not too sure how to deal with toxic friends? Our go-to tip is to talk to them about how they are making you feel. If they ditched you at a party then let them know it upset you, if you confided in them and they told somebody else about it then confront them, ‘cos as much as Made In Chelsea might be fun to watch, nobody wants that kind of energy in their real life, right? It’s hard to know how to tell a friend they are toxic without them reacting with even more toxicity. However, your BFF might have been unaware of their behaviour and be open to listening to you so you can rekindle your friendship.

How To Get Rid Of A Toxic Friend 

If you finally plucked up the courage to speak to your toxic friend about how they are making you feel and they get defensive, then it’s time to say bye hun! Like any type of breakup, the ending of a friendship can be heartbreaking (or even worse than a romantic breakup), so we understand that there is no easy way when it comes to how to cut ties with a toxic friend. However, we promise that in the long run you will feel so much better, babe.

Whether you’re dealing with a toxic friend or this has made you realise that maybe you’re the toxic friend, being open and honest is definitely the best way to get your friendship back on track.

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