Sisters, Are Doing It For Themselves - Bonding With Your Sis’ During Isolation


From the Kardashian-Jenner clan, to runway model sister’s Gigi and Bella Hadid, Royalty Kate and Pippa Middleton, and of course the Queen’s of music Beyonce and Solange Knowles, sisters are pretty powerful when they come together, ain’t that right?

They are our first besties, know us better than anyone, and always protective us. However, sisters are sisters, so that also means cat fights, arguments, stealing each other’s clothes and makeup, and constantly trying to get one up on each other. Sound familiar, hun?

Nothing can ever break the strong bond that sisters have. So, whether you are in lockdown in the same house with her, or are on opposite sides of the world, why not take your time in self-isolation to spend some time together?

Sista, Sista!

Here are our top tips for fun bonding activities to do with your sister during lockdown…

Did Someone Say Pamper Night?

What better way to wind down and relax together than a pamper night? We are obsessing over the Skin Academy Vitamin C Sheet Face Masks ATM, so it’s time for you both to cleanse those gorj faces, order a Chinese takeaway, put on a chick flick and get ready for some much needed sisterly bonding. Not isolating with your sister? Video call has got you sorted, babe.

Bella and Gigi, Who?

Did you even grow up with a sister if you didn’t perform your own regular fashion show using your mum’s clothes? I don’t think so, hun. It’s time to have some fun during isolation and get ready to hit the catwalk in your very own fashion show of 2020. Get inventive… Throw on some lush makeup on, pick a fierce AF 'fit for each other, put on some female power anthems and hit that runway, girl. Put that self-isolation boredom at ease, bond with your sister, and have a good laugh. Shake what your mama gave you, gal.

Look at Childhood Pictures

There’s nothing better than a trip down memory lane… Get those old pics out and reminisce over those good times together. Birthday parties, family holidays and huge fashion mistakes, from childhood to adulthood, the sisterly bond will always stay strong AF.

Make Your Fave Childhood Meal Together

Food is often associated with some of our best memories, so what better way to revisit your childhood than to cook your fave meal growing up together? Become a pair of domestic goddess’ in the kitchen and fire up some delish' food together.

Go get em', girl.


Let your sissy know how much you love and appreciate her. Amongst all the fighting over makeup and clothes, your bond with your sister will always be one of a kind, so share the love!

Team up with your sis’ and check out or loungewear sets so you can be twinnin’ and winnin’ together. Kendall and Kylie, who?

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