Slay At Home Summer Co-ords

Gettin’ a lil’ hot n’ bothered wearing your loungewear in the summer sun? We feel ya, babe. Make the most of the gorj weather and slay your stay at home look in a cute AF summer co-ord. Lap up some srs likes on insta’ and keep your ‘drobe topped up with all the latest fashion trends, with our beaut’ collection of casj’ and dressy summer co-ords. Whether you’re after a crop top and cycling shorts co-ord for a chilled walk to the park, a dressy skirt and top co-ord for your birthday, or wanna get all glammed up in a glitter summer co-ord, we’ve got you sorted, hun.

White Crop Top & Cycling Shorts Co-ord

Channel those Kimmy K vibes and look hot AF all summer long in our White Thick Strap Top Cropped Cycling Shorts Co-ord, and live your best hot girl summer life. Up your basics and keep your ‘drobe updated with this stunnin’ white crop top & cycling shorts co-ord of dreams. Got a picnic date with your bae in the park, and wanna look cute AF but also wanna stay comfy? Our white summer co-ord will deffo’ bring those chilled vibes. Keep your summer co-ord lookin’ fresh n’ edgy and team with some white socks and chunky white trainers for that insta’ influencer style.

Denim Co-ord

Step up your stay at home summer co-ord game and serve some srs sass in our Blue Denim Look Collared Bardot Top & Skin Co-ord. We are lovin’ this UK weather RN, esp’ when it means being able to wear cute AF summer co-ords. Get darin’ in denim, and rock this to die for co-ord on your daily trip to the park. Featuring a belted denim skirt that will show off your curves, and give you those off duty cutie vibes, you will deffo’ be slayin’ at home all summer long, girl. Take your denim summer co-ord to the next level and team with a pair of chunky platform boots, and a ponytail, for those ultimate it girl vibes. You will look like a dream in denim in this stunnin’ summer co-ord!

Seamless Activewear Co-ord

Wanna get that summer bod’ on point? We gotcha’, babe. Keep your fitness fleek on check all summer long in our blue seamless activewear summer co-ord. Now that the lockdown restrictions have been loosened, and we are allowed outdoors for an unlimited amount of exercise, why not look cute AF while you workout? Whether you wanna do some circuit trainin’ in your garden, are plannin’ a hike with your fam’, or just wanna look n’ feel good while you go for your daily stroll, slay in a seamless activewear summer co-ord. Our gorj Blue Speckled Seamless Activewear Crop Top Co-ord is the perfect ‘fit when it comes to workin’ up a sweat in the sun. Look like a straight 10/10 in this must-have activewear summer co-ord, and give workin’ out a touch of glam’.

Floral Summer Co-ord

Slay all summer long in a sassy and sophisticated floral summer co-ord. Our Brown Floral Print High Waisted Floaty Co-ord is perfect for those summer nights spent BBQ’n and chillin’ with your fam’ and squad in the garden. We are obsessin’ over a floral summer co-ord ATM, esp’ when teamed with platform sandals and a glowin’ tan. Why not showcase your floral summer co-ord and throw a virtual tea party? You will look cute AF in this beaut’ floral summer co-ord!

Mesh Co-ord

Get ready to look absolutely bangin’ while you throw your own virtual festi’ with your gal squad over zoom in our Rainbow Mesh Shorts Co-ord. Get your party playlist ready, make your fave cocktail, dial up your best babes, and look the part in this cute AF mesh summer co-ord. Add some colour to your ‘drobe and serve some serious fashion envy in this multicolour rainbow inspired mesh co-ord of dreams. Set up your garden for some festival fun, and dance the night away in this gorj mesh summer co-ord. With a lil’ glitter on your cheeks and your hair in some braids, you will be festi’ fab in this mesh summer co-ord!

Wanna top up your ‘drobe with some stay at home summer essentials? Shop our most wanted collection today, girl.

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