Stripe clothing

Stripe clothing

Hey girls, another update on the stripe trend taking this summer by storm, covering a broad range of bases today let’s talk about striped clothing and how it can benefit us.

Striped clothing is hitting hard this year especially over the SS18 seasons, that’s why bestselling online retailer femmeluxefinery has come up with some of the hottest striped trend and I’m here to teach you how to pull these looks off in your everyday styling

Hey girls, another update on the stripe trend taking this summer by storm, covering a broad range of bases today let’s talk about striped clothing and how it can benefit us.

Striped clothing is hitting hard this year especially over the SS18 seasons, that’s why bestselling online retailer femmeluxefinery has come up with some of the hottest striped trend and I’m here to teach you how to pull these looks off in your everyday styling


Striped clothes fashion

Stripes in fashion are used for a few reasons, whether it’s mimicking animal print, geometric patterns, general stripes or designed to create a slimmer taller illusion of the wearer, stripes in clothing have been around since the dawn of time (quite literally)

So it comes as no surprise that they must have fabric of the year for SS18 is the perfect stripe and stripe detailed pieces.

Striped clothes fashion:

When it comes to striped dresses black and white are the classic choice that turn any dress into a timeless masterpiece. With a range of bodycon, blazer and floral detailed striped dresses available with femmeluxefinery this summer you’re simply spoilt for choice. Our fave so far would have to be the floral stripe bodycon mini dress. Combining the two biggest trends set to take off in 2018 the floral and stripe pattered dress is a masterpiece in the world of trend combos and looks fantastic on simply anyway. Another item that looks fantastic is black and white striped tops women seem to be finding more and more of in stores at this time of year. Although these are not the classic summer colours we are used to, they certainly are eye catching and with items matching this description to a near enough exact the black and white cropped jumper that femmeluxefinery sell is a wardrobe staple you cannot miss out on.

Striped dresses in the bodycon style are set to be flying out of stores all over the UK this season so its clear that when you find such a gem as the black and white stripe front tie dress you do not let it go. If I were you girls my hands couldn’t click the “add to basket” button sooner!

Black and white striped bodycon dresses such as this are not exactly hard to come by, but with an in demand style that can wrap to the figure helping you accentuate and slim everywhere you want with ease. With slim long sleeves and the in demand striped detailing a dress such as the black and white stripe front tie dress is one of the best striped dresses the UK has to offer when it comes to slaying a trend in the most versatile way possible.

Stripes fashion history

The history of striped fabric as many twists and turns in it actually. The increase and decrease in popularity over the years hasn’t exactly gained much correlation but after booming out loud and proud on the Gucci fashion show just a few days ago we know that stripes are in and they’re here to stay.

Stripes in fashion (2017) although starting to gain popularity and becoming more visible in the eye of social media, they still were not classed as an in demand or a must have item by far. This year however whether it’s in the form of accessories, your top/dress/trousers, or as simple as created though the use of layers, stripes are an essential to your wardrobe priorities for this summer. The types of stripes in clothing have ranged from your classics - horizontal, vertical, slanted, right through to being used in other patterns such as checks, hound’s-tooth, and even just by layering your clothing items in order to get a stripe effect on your completed outfit.

Different types of stripe patterns have always been around however they have all just sought popularity at different times throughout history. Now however, they are making a steady comeback into all of our hearts so that this summer can be the hottest around and I don’t mean the weather!


Stripes fashion 2017

With the ‘Stripes fashion trend 2018’ now trending on social media in light of the Gucci fashion show and the popularity around this design steadily underway, It’s clear that there really in no turning back for stripes now. Whether your confident to be bold or would rather keep your usual style only slightly influenced like with the use of pinstripes, it’s clear that if you want a memorable outfit for all the right reasons this summer, sticking to stripes is definitely the way.

The stripes fashion history while a complicated one only really leads to further proof that a pattern as statement yet as simplistic as this truly is timeless. Whether it’s a pair of khaki striped culottes or some plaid cigarette trousers you can be sure that this season femmeluxefinery has you covered in the stripe department. This is further shown with femmeluxe with their blue striped shirt trend although my example of this is not exactly pure striped the blue gingham wrap front shirt is the perfect way to carry the stripe trend through to your top half in a way that is still workplace appropriate.

The stripes trend 2018 believe it or not is carrying over from the lack of enthusiasm shared by the stripe trend of fall 2017. Just about when the stripes started resurfacing over the AW17 , no one really went crazy over them, which considering how in demand they are now just a few months later, is crazy itself!

So when you’re left thinking “are stripes in fashion 2018?” you can confidently answer a big huge yes! Although if you did have this though a little early like “are stripes in style fall 2017?” you still wouldn’t have been wrong, however thanks to the publicity brought to the stripe trend by Gucci you can be sure that now, there’s no second guessing when it comes to timeless classics like the one and only stripe trend.

stripe clothing

Stripes fashion 2018

Spring summer 2018 fashion forecast is here predicting heavy doses of stripes with a side of floral and a splash of satin. Imagine if life was that easy… when it comes to spotting the latest fad and trends that are circling around the world this summer, although the above is true its not as easy as that to spot. Following the latest fashion shows as well as monitoring many clothing webpage’s can show you what’s trending however if this takes up too much time of our busy schedules, one simple easy solution is to do what any sane person does… follow the femmeluxefinery blog!

ss 2018 fashion trends are the perfect way to finally step out on the scene. Regardless of the occasion the stripe trend this year along with influences of the floral trend that took us all by surprise, these are all looks that can be equally rocked on the dance floor as they can in the office the week after. This season is all about being loud and bold but keeping a high level of professionalism in your look. After all , fashion is what defines the women in 2018and first impressions are the most important that you will create.

stripe cloth

Striped dresses black and white

The black and white stripe dress is a classic as mentioned in the previous introduction. However another dress that has not yet been mentioned is the seasonal winner in a style that has never yet been outdated. The Black And White Stripe Blazer Dress is going to be this paragraphs main focal point, so listen carefully.

Striped dresses black and white

The age old black and white striped bodycon dress is a timeless classic that is loved by everyone around the world, when it comes to revamping the classic LBD, there is nothing more in demand than a black and white combo and when it comes to a perfect way to combine them nothing is more sought after than this seasons styling point, Stripes.

Monochrome dresses are a super chic way to look your best even when you’re totally out of ideas, so having a black and white blazer dress as your back up go to on a night out is the easiest way to assure your style is never compromised. When you pair a striped dress with a bodycon fit to the blazer dress category you are guaranteed to be on to a winner. Whether this is the classic striped black and white or a striped dress blue and white dress, its and easily achieved style that’s loved worldwide so you can’t really be too confused when it comes to rocking a black and white monochrome dress. Any colour shoes and accessories easily pair with a black and white dress, our fave at femmeluxe for a show stopping statement look is a vivid scarlet red. This is because not only do you have the vintage appeal which was a massive focal point though the fall and winter off 2017, but you can also easily match your make up or hairstyle to incorporate mixing the black and white style of your outfit with red accessories.

As always with an outfit that requires a block colour in the shoes or makeup , shining metallic accessories take it to the next level.

stripe clothing

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