Striped blazer

Striped blazer

Striped blazers are another huge fashion statement this summer when it comes to getting your style across. With a wide range of blazers, blazer dresses and striped patterns this season at femmeluxefinery you can be certain of one thing, it may be summer girls, but layering is an essential.

Striped blazers are another huge fashion statement this summer when it comes to getting your style across. With a wide range of blazers, blazer dresses and striped patterns this season at femmeluxefinery you can be certain of one thing, it may be summer girls, but layering is an essential.

Striped blazer women’s

Blazers in one way or another have always been a must have for women’s wardrobes; dating back decades when it comes to a professional look, blazers have been the go to. In the work place, for weddings, as casual daily wear and for a night out, there is just no better way to say it than in a chic blazer. From block colours to blazer dresses and every stripe between, at femmeluxe finery there is a style of blazer for everyone.

With block colour suede cropped blazers and matching skirts, though to a classic blazer dress for a fancy occasion, through this blog you can find out what blazer says it perfectly for all your summer events.

stripe blazer

Navy blazer women’s

Navy blazers are perfect when it comes to a work place environment. With navy still being in the blue tones, although it’s darker, it does still match with the must have colours of the season (blue). If you can find a simple pin stripe blazer in navy and white you have simply slayed this seasons’ trends for the work environment.

It’s difficult to find women’s blazer sales these days because although the blazer fashion is a statement this season, finding a practical blazer rather than a simple jersey blazer is proving more and more difficult. This season jersey blazer women’s clothing stores are selling are simply flying off the shelves and to be honest girls, It’s not hard to see why is it? With comfort and style being checked off the list of course jersey blazers will be big winners for the summer season, but these just aren’t the practical approach that SS18 is demanding from us. Style isn’t just about the summer evenings, from the work place to your pajamas; we want to look good this year and whether it’s a long-line blazer or a cropped blazer femme luxe finery have you covered in the latest styles of the season to have your summer look fresh AF.

A difficult section of the blazer styling is finding the perfect cropped jacket to wear over dresses. Although this doesn’t fit in with the stripe trend, we do recommend the suede frill blazers for this, with a cute cropped length and sleeves with frilled detailing; these make the perfect addition to any bodycon dress you may find this season. As the cropped blazers we recommend for your dresses this season are suede, our best styling point for these girls would be to match it with suede accessories such as a suede clutch or shoes.


Women’s blazer sale

Cheap women’s blazers jackets are this season essential, I mean I know it’s getting warmer ladies, but layering is an essential, this season all about balance and finding one that works for you with your easy going aesthetic.

As mentioned earlier, navy blazer, women’s are a must have for this seasons office look. With a chic style of a navy blazer you can break away from boring black while still looking as professional as ever. If you can find a navy blazer with some stripe detailing, (preferably in white) then you can be sure of that easy chic styling. All you then need would be a classic white blouse, or even a t-shirt could carry this style off if its plain black/white, and some navy trousers. This is a killer look for the office that is bound to be loved by everyone.

When looking for women’s blazer sale, black blazers aren’t always what they are made out to be, although ideal for the classic look that you may be after, you can’t be sure that you are getting exactly what it is you’re after. We have all been in the same situation , you plan a perfect outfit, you go over it in your head time after time and it gets right up to the day you need to wear it and then…different…shades…of…black! Total nightmare right? When going for a blazer on sale although you may be getting a good deal, don’t go for a black blazer unless you’ve seen it paired with other items that are of black fabric. When looking for a women’s blazer sale UK, femmeluxefinery have you covered with their slashed costs and major reductions on the run up to the summer season, meaning that you can get your ideal chic and stylish look for less than half the price of the high street every time.

If you are after a jersey blazer women’s online fashion retailer femmeluxefinery still have your back but not in the traditional way that you would be expecting. At femmeluxefinery , the wide range of jersey style blazer dresses are just perfect for the summer seasons, With a wide range of styles and colours from pale pastels to bold brights you can be sure that there’s definitely one to match your look this summer. Long line blazer dresses are the same; with stylish options such as the long line hound’s-tooth blazer you can be guaranteed the perfect style for this summer.


Long line blazer

Long line blazers are a great way to carry off a relaxed look with professional vibes…sounds crazy right? Hear me out.

A long line blazer can be worn in many different styles, but most commonly its used as an actual jacket rather than a blazer, as we know it’s meant to be a blazer you still have the ultimate professional vibe but its laid back enough to be work for just a fancy dinner for a birthday or announcement over the summer period. The same kind of vibe comes from Jersey blazers women are seeming to love so much, with all the jersey blazer dresses at femme luxe such as the Grey Button Embellished Blazer dress you can be sure that when there is a women’s blazer sale here, you can get that perfect professional look that’s effortlessly blended with your go-to summer styling.

Navy blazers for women are still by far our fave when it comes to looking your best and carrying off a look that is as equally loved in the office as it is out. If you manage to get yourself hold of a striped navy blazer, cropped, long line or dress variety, you can be sure of having an easy sunrise to sundown look. This is another reason why at femmeluxefinery we love the long blazer jacket women’s fashion retailers are bringing back onto the scene. I mean, after seeing celebs such as Gigi and Bella Hadid rocking these blazer styles, you certainly know you at least have a statement look for an easy summer go to with no fashion fail available. Cream blazer women’s such as the White Split Sleeve Blazer Dress, the White Button Embellished Blazer Dress or the White Frill Front Blazer Dress or only topped by one winning masterpiece femme luxe has to offer. The Cream Cropped Sleeve Blazer Dress is a new season statement piece that is simply just a must have for women of any size or age, with its button detailing embellishment and three quarter length sleeves, this chute little blazer dress is simply a wardrobe need and certainly there’s no second guessing that this cheap blazer dress is a SS18 must have.


Jersey blazer women’s

Women’s blazer sales across the UK are hard to come across and even when you do you can be sure you’re bound to find something that you wouldn’t have dreamed to buy but now are in love with. Sales do it to us all the time with the illusion of a lower price. Well here at femmeluxefinery all the Long line blazers and blazer dresses from crops and strips and suede’s galore, femme luxe already has a sleek low price for you and with sales rapidly increasing from now until summer you can be certain that the best price for the items you love is always guaranteed.

Grey jersey blazer women’s UK are one of the most sought after yet hardest to find styles you can imagine. At femme luxe you can get the illusion of this style blazer if you prefer the long line variety, with one of the famous hound’s-tooth tartan blazers available at femme luxe or alternatively switch the style up with something as easily styled for the summer as the Grey button embellished blazer dress mentioned earlier. If this is the style that you opt for then the easiest and most in demand way to style this for summer would be to bring in the floral rather than stripe trend with a cute statement bag and some Perspex barely there’s.

As always, our styling tips and tricks are just for inspo for your summer styles to stay up to date with the latest trends of the season.

Remember to tag us in your luxe looks and creations this summer!

suede blazer

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