Styling stripes for party dresses

Styling stripes for party dresses

Hi girls, this time when we’re talking about stripes, we’re preparing ourselves for party season. With many different options on the way and with parties being explained in depth in my previous party blogs, I’m not going to spend too much time addressing the issue today.

Instead I’m going to dive right in with what colours and styles are in for each party occasion or setting on our lists over the summer.

Hi girls, this time when we’re talking about stripes, we’re preparing ourselves for party season. With many different options on the way and with parties being explained in depth in my previous party blogs, I’m not going to spend too much time addressing the issue today.

Instead I’m going to dive right in with what colours and styles are in for each party occasion or setting on our lists over the summer.


An all occasion dress

When it comes to being prepared for party season, especially when a clothing trend is going to be hot and heavy over the time period, you NEED and all occasion dress. One that can avoid fashion failures, withstand the weather, be acceptable to your parents or children, yet still give you that little extra. Personally striped dresses have always had connotations of a chic and trendy sailor gal regardless of the age group it’s designed for. This is a fantastic excuse to crack out the stripes for this summer’s styling when it comes to the perfect dresses for you. Firstly to emphasis this a little, a classic striped dress blue and white is ideal to carry my original though across, however we know that’s not for everyone. You can simply up your style game by turning a simple blue and white striped dress into a chic and cool outfit and even conversation starter during your day. Striped dresses black and white also fit these criteria pretty well. Every girl needs an all occasion dress, the only difference in this when carrying out the stripe trend is to find out what style of dress works best for you.

There are plenty of places that you can find from searching a simple “Striped dress UK” but there’s no assurance of quality surrounding them , with femmeluxefinery not only can you see the item from many focus strengths, angles and perspectives, you also get a breakdown of their composition , and tailored styling techniques for each one. This is brilliant for choosing a party ready dress as a reliable back up plan. For example, then it comes to a style of striped dress that would suit a more athletic, hourglass or petite figure, I would recommend a striped dress bodycon fit, as this will help accentuate what you have with the stripe illusions help combat anything your unsure of to improve your confidence and keep you smiling. Whereas for any more curvaceous or larger lady I would suggest a dress with a more fitted bodice and full skirt , the length of this id leave to your personally preference but a midi length in this style creates a perfect look with colour matched barely there heels.


Multi coloured striped dress

Bright multi coloured dresses are always the perfect go to when you consider summer and stripes having to go hand in hand. You can make sure that your style is always on paint while browsing though the femmeluxefinery webpage the range of dresses from blazer to bodycon and everything in between.

When it comes to perfecting your technique with the stripe trend of SS18 you can be sure that colours are your friend. And the best party is this goes for everyone. Regardless of your own size or colour, a multi coloured dress can prove immensely style changing. I mean come on girls how many times have we stuck to our safe colours until we’ve been made to try something that “really suits us” but felt uncomfortable the entire time… that is until the compliments start rolling in. Then you feel like you could conquer the world. Finding good multi coloured dresses UK can be hard to do when you don’t know how those colours may look on you. Especially if it’s something as important as a multi coloured evening dress (es), but let’s break it down. Multicoloured doesn’t always mean a rainbow of extravagance. Just like in the last blog detailing striped loungewear sets and two pieces, multicoloured could be as simple as a second colour or additional coloured detailing and appliqué. With evening dresses in this case, this could be an elegant bodycon gown, possibly in a silver colour, but including charcoal detailing. This would work brilliantly with the stripe trend in any two or three similar colours as a sash or sash like belt over the waist, or different coloured bust would still slay the stripe trend while looking elegant as hell! For any weddings, balls or evening formal events and parties, you can guarantee that this is a winning look!


Colourful dresses for parties are another good way to set the stripe trend apart from the others, our fave in this case is a go to for any one of any age, a simple black and white blazer dress. The Floral Stripe Bodycon Mini Dress, Black And White Stripe Blazer Dress and the Black And White Stripe Front Wrap Tie Dress are all perfect examples of coloured striped dresses that are great for most occasions. Black and white may not scream colour burst to you and that’s true when they are on their own. But when these colours are combined and used together, especially in a trend setting design such as this seasons stripes, they can create a lasting eye catching look that people will be talking about for months, it’s bound to make you feel red carpet worthy. When it comes to striped dresses, one place away from the red carpet that these would look amazing at, is festivals. I know one or two of you have been considering Glastonbury, i sure have.

When it comes to multi coloured dresses for festivals this season you can be sure on one thing. There are only two roads to go down. Keep it statement yet basic with a black and white stripe like in the above paragraph. This look works amazing with festival attire such as a block colour rain coat and block colour waterproof shoes. Or if you can guarantee that warm weather, the brighter and bolder the better. Not only is that practical with any spillages or slips that can occur in such a busy outdoor environment but you can look and feel as bright physically and you are inside!

Now, again for these sort of occasions listed for multicoloured dresses, a multi coloured bodycon dress is not always ideal. We all want to look our best and flaunt what we have, but if your attending a festival or nightclub, unless you can guarantee your sensible these can cause a lot of trouble or attract attention for the wrong reasons so be sensible girls. There’s plenty of multi colour dress material around that femme luxes range is beyond comparison so be sure to choose your new go to wisely for this summer!


colourful dresses for wedding guests

Summer wedding outfits for guests can be every bride’s saving grace or total nightmare. So if you’re a guest at any wedding parties this season, remember to be courteous to your hosts. This doesn’t mean you can’t rock that trend at the same time. Stripes are everything this season so when it comes to choosing the right dress you need to ask the right questions. You need to know if there is any theme or colour theme or if there is anything that your hosts would rather you had / did not have in your outfit. If that doesn’t help you out much then the best way to help you get that stripe look and the summer colours in your outfit, then pastels are your friend. Subtle pastel pinstripes work wonders when it comes to slaying a trend in a subtle way. Stunning wedding guest dresses are always the absolute height of a girl’s wardrobe and the occasions where colours are widely welcome are simply the best.


When it comes to the best boutique dresses for wedding guests, especially if colours are involved, my best advice to you is that less is more in these occasions. For weddings it’s the couples big day so let’s keep it that way. Sure have a statement dress but keep it modest and fairly plain unless you can work the stripe trend in subtly, this could be with belts, pastel pin stripes, layered jackets or a simple chic blazer. Cheap wedding outfits put a lot of people off buying out of fear they may be the guest who’s shown up in a significantly cheap looking outfit. Don’t worry; here at femme luxe you can be sure of finding the perfect chic outfit for any occasion without it looking anything less than prestige.

When you think of designer dresses for wedding guests UK, the first name in everyone’s mind is Karen Millen. Unfortunately with a big title comes a big price tag that is majority unfair for the many. Femme luxe isn’t for the few; femme luxe is for the many believing that fashion truly is what defines us so we should all have the opportunity to shine. You can find some of the best outfits that slay in demand trends for an affordable price, and they’ll still keep you looking hot AF. Beautiful dresses for wedding guests are a must have near the summer time with so many more photos being present to immortalize the moment in history. That’s why femme luxe has made sure that a wide variety of dresses that are in demand this season will make super elegant dresses for wedding guests all year round.


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