Summer's Top Nail Art Trends!

We all deserve a little pamper, and if we want to make the extra effort to help ourselves feel a little more put together then a fresh set of nails is the way to go. Getting your nails done lets you be as creative as you want, and whilst it’s a small part of getting yourself together it helps you feel unreal, and the nail trends this summer are definitely one to try.

There’s nothing like a fresh set, so whether you’re putting together a festival fit or styling your holiday wardrobe, new nails are the finishing touch to any look.

Reverse Frenchies

We all know the classic french manicure, it’s a go-to we all know and love when we can’t decide what nail design we want and want something low-key glam. Now, the frenchies have been flipped and offer something new and fun for you to try! A simple fine line at the bottom looks super cute, especially when you switch up the colour! 

If you’re trying out this nail art at home, flipping the french tip around means that it’s super easy to clean up if the nail polish chips off! So you’ll be saving yourself the stress of having to start from scratch and your nails will still look gorgeous!

Marble Manis

If you’re not here for the fine lines of the swirl nail art designs we’ve been seeing all over the ‘gram, then the latest marble nail art design is going to be the next design you go to your nail tech for. A marble moment is such a cute design that it doesn’t matter if you’re here for an eye-catching rainbow vibe or a low-key monochrome set, this marble design is going to stun!

If you’re feeling a bit creative in your down time this weekend then why not try and perfect this trend yourself! It’s super easy and almost impossible to go wrong, so it’s definitely the design to try if you’re a beginner. 

Sweet Like Chocolate

Sometimes a minimal nail is the only option, and if you’re trying to find the perfect new neutral you can keep going back to then keep it sweet with a stunning shade of chocolate brown.

Chocolate brown is the perfect shade for when you don’t want something as bold as a full set of pitch black nails, but don’t want to branch out into lighter shades. Mix up your nail art and opt for a luxe chocolate brown on an almond shaped nail, people will be thinking they’re natural!

Swirls for the Summer

It’s back! The swirl nail art designs haven’t gone anywhere and we’re obsessed! Swirl nail art is the perfect option for you girlies who don’t want to commit to a full set of detailed designs, but aren’t going all the way to their nail tech for a plain nail.

You can still keep it low-key and go for a white swirl as a refresh of the classic french manicure look, or go bold with a gorgeous hot pink, which is definitely hot on our feeds right now too. 

Festival Ready Neon Nails

Summer means festival season, and festival season means bright and bold looks that you can’t wear anywhere else! And why should the vibe of your festival outfit not be matched with your nails?

Keep your nails as on trend as your outfit for festival season and go for a fresh set of neon nails to make sure that no matter what you wear all eyes will be on you and your latest fresh set. Any and all of the summer nail trends will look unreal when you keep to a neon theme, so you’ve got all the inspo for this summer’s nail looks!

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