Super Fetch Mean Girls Quotes For The 15th Anniversary

So Mean Girls is officially 15 years old...erm WTF! We’re deffo feeling old RN. To celebrate what is probs the most quotable film like, EVER, we’ve pulled some of our fave quotes and one-liners from the famous flick. Whether you’re team Regina and a plastic fanatic or Cady is your queen, one things for sure, this movie is the ultimate chick flick.

Mood, Always

whatever im getting chese fries gif


im a mouse duh gif

When your latest right swipe double texts you

why you so obsessed with me gif

When you ain’t feelin’ fetch

you cant sit with us gif

We all know what Wednesday means...

on wednesdays we wear pink gif

Stil our fave chat up line to this date

grool gif

Before Kris Jenner was cool...

im not a regular mom im a cool mom gif

Where can we get one of these to vent in?!

burn book gif

When you actually make it to the gym

she doesnt even go here gif

When food is bae

that was one time gif

So cancel those weekends plans, stock up on the snacks (the more, the better) and turn your duvet into a cocoon to celebrate the Mean Girls 15th anniversary in srs style, you go, Glen Coco!


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