The 5 Stages Of Booking A Girl’s Holiday

Every girl knows that booking a girl's hol ain't easy. There's more ups and downs than the plane ride there, with arguments, disagreements and group chat exits making it difficult AF to get it all planned out. Remember though, as soon as you step off that plane, it'll all be worth it! If you're in the middle of planning a squad trip RN, you'll totally relate to the 5 stages of planning a girl's holiday!

Stage 1 - The Daydream Stage


The very first ray of sunshine is finally creepin’ in through your window and this alone has got you totally hyped up for some summer vacays. Your mind starts wandering away from all the work you need to get done today and starts to fill up with daydreams of beaches, frozen cocktails and very tanned guys. You’ve already started frantically scrolling through the ‘gram spying on where your fave celebs and influencers are at and checking out all the #travel #hashtags. After a night of tagging your besties in some srsly fire destination pics on Insta, you all decide that it’s about time to embrace the vacay vibes and plan that summer hol!

Stage 2 - The Group Chat Stage


It only takes a few days before someone makes a group chat for all the girls that are jetting off with you. Cue a ridiculous group chat name followed by tons of emojis. We’re talking everything from the sun and bikini emojis to cocktail and even the aubergine emoji. Totally what you want to pop up on your phone in work! Within minutes the group chat photo is changed to that extremely embarrassing snap from your last holiday of your mate getting with a questionable looking guy or that snap of you with your head in the toilet- classy! Prepare for roughly 400 messages a day and your phone battery to be completely rinsed at all times.

Stage 3 - The Holidayzilla Stage


A few week’s in and with nothing much seeming to happen on the organisational front, one friend takes it upon themselves to step up to the plate and organise every last detail. While this seems like a good idea at first, a few days in and after receiving an itinerary of activities, you start to get just a lil bit wary. Holidayzilla starts planning every inch of the holiday, from every last item you each need to bring, to the precise amount of minutes it takes to walk to the club (down to the second), and how each second of the holiday will be spent. It's her way or no way, she doesn't wanna compromise - it's what SHE wants to do! The more plans are made, the more fun is sucked out of the holiday. Luckily, the ‘zilla starts to run outta steam and gets way too stressed with the pressure, eventually deciding to just go with the flow like the rest of you.

Stage 4 - The WTF Do I Wear?! Stage

When it comes to holiday dressing, you know that there are always gonna be these girls in your GC:


The indecisive friend. This girl’s head falls off at just about any situation, so planning what to wear on holiday creates a full on drama! Prepare for 100 screenshots a day from Instagram with ideas that she loves for a whole minute, then decides she absolutely hates and couldn't possibly be seen in. Don't even attempt to go shopping and try things on with her, you'll reassure her that she looks absolutely amaaaaaazing, but she will go into a full on meltdown in the changing rooms about how she looks like a whale.


The outfit repeater. Super chilled and not concerned whatsoever about her outfits (holidays are for the experience, not what you wear!), this friend will be outfit repeating all hol long. Throwing in some pics of her in last year’s ‘fits followed by “probs just wear this again”, this girl is sorted without having to spend a penny.


The extra organised friend. This friend organised each and every outfit to perfection from the minute that you settled on a destination. Cue spreadsheets, lists and printed charts with each outfit and what she’s gonna wear with it. Totally annoying, but also kinda genius as she pulls out her perfectly planned outfits without having the hour long strugg of stressing about what to wear.


The extra AF friend. This friend gets way too excited about the prospect of holiday outfits. She’s bought all the glitter and gems on eBay, researched places to get temporary tattoos and has seemingly raided a circus performer’s ‘drobe in search of the craziest outfits imaginable. You all take the piss, but know deep down that she is actually gonna look amaze.

Stage 5 - The Killer Confirmation


Once everything is fully confirmed, it’s time to spam your Insta story will all those confirmations and get everyone on your ‘gram jel AF! Cue desperate lads who are heading off to the same place sliding into your DMs and offering to take you out for a cocktail...no thanks. Your work squad are now sick to death of hearing every detail about your hol plans, even though you think it’s totally important news that there’s a swim up bar in your hotel. You set up a countdown app on your comp just in case anyone forgets the exact date and time that you’re off. Roll on your hol!

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