The 5 Stages Of Graduation

Calling all students, graduation season has officially started! Get ready to get those hats n' gowns on and enjoy the moment that you've been waiting on for the last three years. If you're going mad over grad ATM, you'll totally relate to these 5 stages of graduation!

Stage 1 - The Excitement Stage


Graduation is round the corner and you’re excited AF! So many things to plan, so many things to look forward to, from picking the perf dress, to inviting your ‘rents and making plans for a boozy after party with your uni squad. University is finally finished and all your hard work and late night study sessions have paid off! Right about now you’re practising that strut across the stage and figuring out where in your flat you’re gonna hang that impressive AF framed diploma. You’re telling anyone who will listen about your fab grad plans, from your uninterested sister's boyf to the confused elderly shopkeeper at your local store.

Stage 2 - The Stress Stage stressed

Okay...a few weeks in, and it’s safe to say that reality has well and truly kicked in. You didn’t manage to secure enough ceremony tickets for your whole fam (cue a family argument), you’re sat NOWHERE near your pals (thanks a lot, alphabet) and the graduation dress you’ve been dreaming of all year is sold out in your size. Plus you’re overthinking like mad, is it time to be an actual official adult now? Scary stuff. Maybe organising everything for grad can wait another week...

Stage 3 - The Panic Stage


Your stress has now turned into a full on meltdown, not helped by the fact that your uni friends are freaking out ten times as much as you are. You've left everything totally last min as per. With your group chat reminding you of more and more things that you need to sort (with the clock srsly ticking), you’re entering panic mode. Hiring your gown, sorting your photography and trying to find a local restaurant for you and the fam that isn’t fully booked has got you close to a Britney style meltdown.

Stage 4 - The Graduating Stage


The day is finally here (it came around SO quickly) and you’re totally nervous, all you can think about is getting yourself across that stage without falling over. You go for your professional photo, then pose outside for the most important pic (the one for your ‘gram, of course) and head over to the ceremony hall. After making it across the stage in one piece and reuniting with your friends, you get the timeless classic that is the 'throwing hats in the air' Boomerang (a grad essential) and reminisce on three amazing years. Congrats, boo!

Stage 5 - The Satisfaction Stage

we did it

It’s all over, you’re probs feeling a lil bit emosh right now! All these years of hard work and good times have come to an end and it’s time to get your adult on. Whether you’re job hunting, travelling the globe or just relaxing and planning your next move, you’re pretty proud of yourself RN. Uni may be over, but the best years of your life are still ahead of you, girl!

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