The 5 Stages Of Your Work Christmas Party



It's Christmas party season! Love or hate your work Christmas party, it's definitely not one to be missed. One thing is for sure- there are 5 clear stages to every office Xmas do!

Stage 1- The Awkward Stage



Okay, so you’ve put on your killer Christmas party outfit, nails did, make-up looking fleeky and you’ve rocked up to the party. But wait…it’s super awkward. Nobody is dancing, there’s just awkward groups scattered around the room. Do you talk to someone new? Approach a group? Nope, you guessed it, time for a drink!

Stage 2- The Tipsy Stage



You decide to try and get over the awkward-ness the only way you know how- with alcohol! You and your work wife head to the bar and start throwing back as many drinks as humanly possible. When the cheesy tunes start to sound a little better and the weird guy from IT starts to look a little bit more like Channing Tatum, you know you’re on the right track.

Stage 3- The Emotional Drunk Stage



It’s half way through the night and you’re definitely feeling the effect of all those Proseccos as you pour your heart out to that girl from your department who you’ve met a grand total of two times. This is followed by a bold conversation with the CEO where you may be just a little bit too honest about how his staring creeps you out. Throw in a kiss with a complete random and you’ve got a full house on work Christmas party bingo.

Stage 4- The Hungry Stage


It’s getting pretty late and there is only one thing on your mind. Food- and lots of it! You make your excuses and head out ASAP to the local takeaway. After ordering enough food for a family of four, you collapse face first into bed.

Stage 5- Monday Morning Regret



Oh god. Head killing, phone full of messages filled with the ‘

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