The 6 Stages Of Getting Through A Heatwave

During winter, we dream about longer days, hotter weather and the amaze outfits that we're gonna be rocking when the temperature heightens. However when the tropical weather you've been eagerly waiting for finally arrives, you feel sticky, sweaty and gross. In our heads, summer is all about festivals, BBQs and vacays with your BFFs, but when the unpredictable English weather graces you with a scorching heatwave, it can be something very different.
Buckle up for our 6 stages of getting through a heatwave.

Deciding What To Wear To Work During A Heatwave

There is no denying that the British weather is the most unpredictable thing EVER. So when a heatwave hits you out the blue before you've bought your summer wardrobe, it can be very stressful figuring out what to wear to work. Is going to work in a bikini classes as unprofessional?

The Dreaded Journey To Work

Whether you're taking public transport, walking or driving to work, the journey is undoubtedly horrendous. Got a car but no air con? You're sweating. Stuck on a bus with 30 other strangers and no ventilation? You're sweating. Or worse, walking directly under the suns heat? You're definitely gonna be sweating.

Sitting In The Office

You're hot, sticky and sweaty but you've finally arrived at work. The air conditioning that hasn't been used in over 2 years has broken. You want to die. The only thing that is gonna help you get through the next 8 hours is a 10 year old desk fan that sounds like it's about to take off. Good luck, babe!

Finally, Break Time!

Sweet relief! You can escape from the hot office to go out for lunch... to be greeted to even hotter weather. WHEN DOES IT END?

Back To The Office

Back in the stuffy office and everyone's questioning you how hot it is outside.

Home Time

Finally, home time. You can now go lie in front of your fan all night dying and unable to sleep due to this hot and humid weather.

All we can say is, bring on Christmas x

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