The Best Crystals For Your Star Sign

Ready to level up your fate and start living your best life? If you’re new to crystals or are one step ahead of the crystal trend, we’ve got your ultimate guide to star signs and crystals to help personalise your spiritual journey. Are you fiery like Aries, or in tune with your emotions like Cancer? Whatever your star sign, we’ve got the go-to healing crystals your sign needs RN. Whether you wanna soothe your anxious thoughts or dispel negative vibes, we’ve got all types of crystals to suit your character. Read on to find out the best crystals for your star sign!

Fierce and no doubt fiery, babes under an Aries star sign are defo not afraid of challenges and usually throw themselves into projects head first. The ultimate trailblazer, Aries may appear confident on the surface, but that doesn’t mean they’re exempt from feelings of self-doubt. To infuse confidence and soothe the fierceness - which while great can be an issue - we recommend grabbing a Carnelian crystal to help dispel any negative thoughts and ultimately build trust in yourself. Did we mention it’s also perf’ for restoring vitality and encouraging creativity? 

Blessed to be a Taurus, girl? Go you! These dolls are notorious for being a lil high maintenance, but that’s only because they prefer the finer things in life. They may party hard, but they work harder and always have their sights set on their next promotion, ‘cos what boss babe doesn’t? Their constant seeking of abundance makes malachite crystals the dream match for Taurus girls. Helpful for manifesting abundance, healing negative thoughts and reinforcing a positive mindset, a Malachite crystal is great for creating balance. 

One of the most outgoing zodiac star signs, Gemini babes are socially and intellectually adept. They’re total glow-getters and can often be found trying to balance multiple vocations. They’re always up for a night with their best girls, and are known for their spontaneity and impulsiveness when it comes to making decisions. To help enhance intelligence, improve memory and add overall clarity to your life, we suggest Gemini dolls add a Citrine crystal to their dresser or jewellery draw. Get ready for all the guidance you need, hun. 

Being a water element, Cancers are emotional; they wear their heart on their sleeve and crave security. Whether it’s a partner, friendship or relative, they are incredibly loyal to their nearest and dearest. Their strong intuition means they are very protective of who they let in and are born over-thinkers. Who can relate, boo? When it comes to faith and trust-restoring healing crystals, an obsidian is an absolute must-have. Responsible for dispelling all kinds of negative energy, thoughts and tension, it is easily one of the best crystals for anxiety. 

Pretty, passionate and full of prowess, Leo gals are total leaders of their squad and know it! Being a fire sign, they’re not afraid to say what’s on their mind, and whilst they can sometimes come across confrontational, they are simply passionate and stand by what they believe in. Even though Leo babes are full of self-confidence, a lot of their unhappiness stems from the fact they often care too much about what people think. To help dispel negative vibes and bring on emotional tranquility, we recommend adding a smoky quartz to your crystal collection. Are you ready to transform that negative energy to positive vibrations yet, Leo? 

One of the most down to earth star signs there is, they’re a total humanitarian and are always happy to help those in need. They’re highly reliable and are great friends in a crisis - trust us on this! Whilst they’re always building their besties up, they can be super self-critical and apply WAY too much pressure on themselves to succeed. Since they're totally solid, it’s only fair that their go-to crystal should be one historically recognised to represent nobility and purity - the Ruby. Not only does it encourage creativity, it also stimulates good luck and fortune, making it a NEED for Virgo dolls. 

Diplomatic in life and in love, Libras are known for their well-balanced nature and love of equilibrium. These boss babes are full of intellect and knowledge which they share with their girl squad, ‘coz that’s what friends are for, right? To further enhance their inner peace in an otherwise chaotic life, amethyst crystals are the ultimate stone of balance. Coined as the “all-healer” by many amethyst lovers, this crystal is a go-to for spiritualists searching for that much needed inner-reflection. Use this crystal when meditating to help reach total calmness and allow it to relieve the mind from any external pressures - we know they’ll be a lot! 

Fiercely independent, ambitious and loyal, this water sign isn’t afraid of going after what they want, and they always wanna get it right - the first time. Their meticulous nature can sometimes mean they get over-sensitive, and they’re basically known for being secretive and jealous, but that’s only because they care so much! To open up this doll’s heart and improve their weaknesses, a rose quartz is a serious must-have. This crystal is amaze for restoring trust and is responsible for opening up the heart to ensure negative vibes are soothed and that a positive transformation is in action.  

When it comes to optimistic star signs, Sagittarius is up there with being full of positive energy and spontaneity. Fortunate enough to be a Sagittarius? You’re honest, straight-talking and a total social butterfly, which means you’re always on call for a night out with the girls. Whilst you totally love freedom and having plans, it can often mean you take on too much making you a lil unreliable. An amber crystal is good for helping you reach your potential and provide you with more balance to help you make all those plans you nearly forgot about! Amber is a protective stone and deflects negative energy from others - giving you all kinds of courage, babe! 

Absolute #GIRLBOSSES, Capricorn babes are absolute work-acholics and are ambitious AF. They’re relentless when it comes to achieving their goals and will never let anything get in their path. Whilst they’re pretty down to earth - I mean Capricorn’s do fall under the Earth element after all - they can be materialistic and will do anything if it means rewards. Also known for its good luck and abundance, Jade crystals are popular because of their powerful healing properties and tendences to attract all things good! If you’re a capricorn babe wondering which crystal to choose, then this is the crystal for you!

Arguably the opposite of sagittarius’s care free spirit, Aquarius hunnies are ultra assertive and prefer to plan their ‘fits wayyyy in advance, meaning that go-with-the-flow attitude just isn’t them. They love their own company and would much rather enjoy a night spent reading their fave author than hitting the club - sorry, not sorry! They’re kind and have the purest heart, which is why we suggest adding a pearl crystal to your person. Whether it’s a pearl bracelet or necklace, it represents love in all its forms, strengthens relationships and restores balance. Don’t you wish you were an Aquarius now, girl?

Delve into the depths of a Pisces gal and you’ll abs wanna be them. Whilst they appear introverted on the surface, there’s a lot more to them than that, and can often be found day-dreaming or thinking - deeply. They’re total creatives at heart and are not always limited to logic, in other words, they always think outside the box. That being said, they often have a hard time opening up, what else do we expect from a water element? One of our best crystals for evoking purity and truth-searching has to be the aquamarine crystal. Its blue hue resembles the ocean meaning it’s perf’ for water elements. Add to your dresser or desk for clarity, cleansing and soothing vibes!

Found the best types of crystals for your star sign? Whether you want something for your zodiac, or are looking for something more specific, such as crystals for anxiety, stress, depression or protection, then we’ve totally got you, babe. Check out our entire spiritual collection and get ready to live your best life! 

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