The Best Netflix And Chill Movies To Watch This Weekend

Stock up on some of the best things to watch on Netflix and impress your date from the comfort of your couch. Get your chill on as you settle down to watch some of our go-to Netflix and chill movies; with rom-coms and horrors setting the mood for romance, we predict that your date night from home will *defo* result in some serious ‘chill’. Whether you’re looking for some of the best romantic movies on Netflix to really dial up the heat, or are searching for funny movies to watch if you’re ‘more personality over looks' - you’re not, don’t lie - we’ve got the ultimate chill movies for you and your bae. Check out our guide to the best Netflix and chill movies to watch this weekend and get ready to finish your date night with your very own climax - pun intended.

Friends With Benefits

Is it casual? Are you FWBs? Situationship struggles are real, boo, but let’s be honest - they hit differently. If you’ve recently added ‘that’ to your friendship then you’ll (maybe) find solace in this movie. Watch the drama unfold as two New York singles complicate their relationship in the streets, by taking it beneath the sheets. Get ready to Rock Your Body to one of the best romantic films on Netflix, show your True Colours and bring SexyBack - you’ve got this! 

Pretty Woman

A few dates in and wondering how to take your relationship from lust to love? This 90s date night movie is old but gold when it comes to sealing the deal. Things aren’t always black and white, girl, which is why when this business professional creates a grey area by hiring an escort to join him at social events, unexpected feelings are unearthed. Join Julia Roberts and Richard Gere as they take a casual cliche to the next level by mixing work with pleasure. Yep, you guessed it - they fall in love.

When Harry Met Sally

Find yourself always going back to that one guy from college? There might be a reason for that, doll. Feel nostalgic AF as you get cosy to one of the best movies of all time. Inspire your own actions as you seek comfort from the brief encounter of two graduates, reminding you that you’re not the first (or last). Open up and confront your bae with honest feelings that’ll potentially ignite flames, just like Harry and Sally. It’s worth a shot!

The Notebook

Tired of scrolling through endless lists of movies for couples on Netflix? We’ve got you, girl. When it comes to planning a Netflix & Chill date with your long-term bae, then The Notebook is one of the best romantic movies on Netflix for you to watch. Nicholas Sparks is in a league of his own when it comes to romance novels, so when the film adaptation of two star crossed lovers, separated by class and war, is released, we are always here for it. Grab your partner and a box of tissues, it’s gonna be emosh.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

Want somethin’ a lil more light hearted? This American teen flick was a total hit upon its release in 2018, and it’s still one of the best movies for couples to watch on Netflix. Ever sent a text to the wrong person? Take this n’ times it by a hundred. Fall into the life of Lara Jean as she is forced face-to-face with leaked love letters of her past that she never intended to reveal. But is that such a bad thing?

Got all your inspo and know exactly what Netflix and chill movies you’re gonna watch this weekend? You go, boo! Make sure you’re lookin’ extra cute by shopping our loungewear collection, and get ready to feel effortlessly fierce as you indulge on snacks and wine. We promise it'll still end in fireworks!

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