The Best Pizza Places in Manchester!

If you’re not here for a big night out this weekend but you still want to make plans, then get yourself out of the house for a chilled out pizza night. Sometimes a Dominoes’ takeaway isn’t the one, so we’ve put together a short guide to Manchester’s best pizza restaurants.

To properly enjoy some of Manchester's favourite pizza, either organise a low-key girls night out, a casual date night, or treat yourself to a date night for one. It's some of the best pizza in the city, so it doesn't matter how you enjoy it as long as you do!


Pizza from Ramona is an absolute deep dish dream, it’s Detroit style pizza, and is everything you want from when you’re enjoying a few drinks in the sun, and with their range of toppings, you’ll never get bored of trying them all! Ramona is also famous for their margarita bar, which obviously gives you more of an excuse to go back to try their whole menu.

Crazy Pedros

If you’ve been living in Manchester long enough or visited for a night out, you’ve probably ended up at Crazy Pedros at some point.

Their whole vibe is fun cocktails and pizzas with adventurous toppings, so you won’t be doing your night out right if you don’t try something new. Crazy Pedros has everything from a classic pepperoni pizza, to the controversial Haiwaiian pizza, to their rogue fried chicken and waffle topped pizza. It’s the perfect place for a girls night, so get yourself down there asap!

L'Antica Pizzeria

Now this is a bit of a boujie recommendation, but as far as we’re concerned it’s worth it. Possibly one of the most authentic Neopolitan pizzas in Manchester, L’Antica Pizzeria actually began in 1870 in Naples and has finally made its way over to Deansgate. L’Antica is the perfect setting for date night, and it doesn’t feel too fancy because of the simple yet tasty food, especially the pizza.

Lucky Mama's

If you feel like venturing out of the city centre to find some new favourite restaurants, then we recommend making your way over to Chortlon to try Lucky Mama’s menu! Lucky Mama’s is a couple owned restaurant that whip up some unreal Roman style pizza, and we can’t get enough!

If you decide you’re not in the mood for pizza, then there’s a range of pasta dishes which are made with fresh pasta that they make in house! So no matter what you go for, everything’s going to taste like there’s a lot of love in it.


Rudy’s is definitely one of the staple pizza places in Manchester, if you want to go out for pizza, there’s a good chance that the first place you think of is Rudy’s, and rightfully so because it is LUSH!

It’s the best pizza restaurant for when you want to stick to a classic, making it the perfect date night location because you know you’re going to be wined and dined properly. Obviously it’s good to try something new, but sometimes a comfort classic is all you can manage when you want a relaxing weekend.

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