The Best Time To Post On Instagram For Likes

Social media can be super hard to try and work out. With all the different algorithms and behind the scenes software, it can be srsly tough to get your head around! You may have noticed that you’re struggling to get as many likes as you have gotten before. This could be down to something as simple as what time you’re posting! A way to help scoop up some extra likes is doing a lil research into the best time to post on Instagram.

Instagram posting times can actually affect how many impressions your photos get, which of course affects how many likes you get! According to some super smart research done by Sprout Social, there are ideal times to post on Insta to help you rack up all the likes.

Best Instagram Posting Times

  • Out of all the posting times, the likes went cray on Wednesday at 3pm, Thursday at 11am, and Friday at 5am.
  • With everyone getting ready for that Friday feelin’, Thursday was the best day to post to Instagram and helped users get the most likes.
  • Wanna guarantee some extra good engagement? Tuesday-Friday, 9-6 are the safest times to post on the ‘gram.
  • You won’t be surprised to hear that Sunday is the least engaging day for Insta, ‘cos who wants to be scrollin’ away when you’ve got a killer hangover?!

When To Post On Instagram

Struggling to remember all of these posting times?! Yep, us too! It can be a lot to take in at first, so save the image below on your phone to have a go-to guide whenever you wanna upload that fire pic or vid.


(Data obtained from Sprout Social)

You should also remember that every Insta account is different, and posting times that work for others might not work for you. Think about your audience and who you want to have clicking that heart. Think about what times they would be on Insta and post at times convenient to them. You could also try to look at what similar accounts are doing and see what posting times are workin’ for them. Have a stalk of your fave influencers with a similar style to you and see what times their 'gram pops off at. Experiment with different times and note on your phone what ones are scoring the most likes n’ comments.

Weekend Insta posts tend to perform well on Fridays and Saturdays, but dramatically drop on a Sunday. Save Sundays for chilled brunch posts or skip posting on this day altogether.

We also find that posting in the evening on weekdays, around 8pm is a key time, we like to call this the Instagram ‘golden hour’! However, be warned- it’s extremely competitive so your post may get lost in a sea of similars!

Happy posting and don’t forget to use the #luxegal hashtag on your amaze Femme Luxe pics to be featured on our Instagram or weekly blog!


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