The Evolution Of Eyelashes - The Rise Of Your Fave Beauty Item

Can't live without your fave pair of lashes? Nope, us neither! We're obsessed with finding the best false eyelashes, but have you ever wondered how falsies came into fashion? Keep reading to take a trip down lash memory lane!

It’s thought that the very first pair of lashes were created way back in 1911, by Canadian entrepreneur Anna Taylor. These were nothing like the realistic lashes we wear today, they were super basic with hairs stuck onto some fabric layers.

After a lot of confusion (mainly from men of course!), falsies really began to take off in the 30s, with Vogue regularly featuring them.




By the time the 1950s came around, the queens of Hollywood glam were rocking false lashes, making them the iconic item that they are today! The likes of Marilyn Monroe and Rita Hayworth made false lashes a must-have, giving girls everywhere a shortcut to Hollywood glam. This style is still super popular today!

marilyn-monroe-lashes rita-hayworth-lashes

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The 60s saw lashes get extra long with dramatic styles seen on both the runway and the street. Long lashes were supermodel Twiggy’s signature feature, she’s still make-up inspo for millions of make-up lovers today.



1970 and 1980s

The 70s saw fake eyelashes take a bit of a back seat, the trend slowed down and was only seen rarely on stars like Cher. But lashes made a big comeback in the 80s, with crazy styles, colours and designs helping girls to unleash their inner artist.

cher-fake-eyelashes 1980s-false-lashes

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The 90s is known for trashy, glam, OTT make-up, so of course this meant that lashes were more important than ever! The blonde bombshell look was in, platinum blonde hair and huge lashes became the in-demand look throughout the 90s. Just check out Pamela Anderson and Anna Nicole Smith with their classic smokey eye and long lash looks.

pamela-anderson-lashes anna-nicole-smith

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These days, lashes are a staple in any girl’s make-up collection. From natural to dramatic, synthetic to mink, there are thousands of styles to choose from. Looking for noughties lash inspo? Look no further than the queen of glam, Kim K. Kim has been seen in lashes of all shapes and sizes.



With so many different styles to choose from, it can be a total nightmare trying to decide which lash to pick! New to falsies? Try a natural lash with a thin strip to ease yourself in. You could also look into false eyelash applicators, they'll act like your bestie when applying lashes. Have an unusual eye shape? Why not experiment with individual lashes for a custom look? There are tons of YouTube tutorials that help explain how to put on individual eyelashes, so get searching! Want your insta pic to look extra AF? Grab a dramatic pair for impact and watch the likes roll in #livelashlove.




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