The Importance of Self-Care

It’s important to practise self-care, so as we get more stuck into 2022, we all need to learn to relax, slow down and enjoy the time we take to recharge.

We get it though, some of you girl bosses find it difficult to set a whole lot of spare time aside for winding down, but we promise if you follow at least one of these steps it’ll work wonders. You need to consider everything from your skincare to what you eat, as all of these things are vital in helping you to revitalize your body, mind, and soul. 

Follow these self-care tips as a guide for how to reach ultimate levels of relaxation.

Self-Care Tip #1

A bit of a luxury item, but bath salts are such an easy addition to your bath, just chuck them in with your favourite bubbles and voila! They’re fab for helping you to feel relaxed, so lie back and melt away those annoying aches and pains from your busy work week.

A top pick for us is the Australian based brand In The Buff. They’re an eco-friendly independent company who produce vegan and cruelty free products. One product of theirs that stands out the most for us is their Magnesium bath salts that has no added nasties, making it perfect for you gorgeous gorgeous girls with sensitive skin.

Self-Care Tip #2

Face masks are such a boujie buy, but if you know where to look some can be so worth it. We’re giving you two options, so whether you’re on a budget or want to splash the cash we’ve got you covered.

First up, we’ve got the Dr. Jart bestselling soothing Cryo Rubber face mask that’s been created with the best Korean skincare expertise to help soothe stressed out skin that is crying out for some TLC.

If you don’t fancy going down the spenny route, we’ve got you covered. The Garnier Charcoal and Black Tea sheet mask works a treat. Trust us girlies, it lives up to its name as a ‘moisture bomb’, helping your skin to bounce back with just one mask.

Self-Care Tip #3

We’re the first to admit we’re on our phones too much, so finding ways to not stare at Tik Tok for an hour is definitely high up on our priority list.

Getting stuck into a good book is one of the best ways to escape technology. Here’s our current faves:

Normal People by Sally Rooney

This fictional wonder had a chokehold on the nation with its 2020 TV adaptation, and the book is definitely just as good. It follows the lives of Marianne and Connell, showing us how their relationship is so deeply connected that they keep coming back to each other.

The Leviathan by Rosie Andrews

If you love fantasy, this novel was made for you. A tale of witchcraft and mystery, it follows a soldier who uncovers a dark secret that could be linked to a superstitious shipwreck.

Self Care Tip #4

There’s nothing better than curling up with a good book after having a relaxing bath and wearing your best loungewear. Femme Luxe has got you covered for this one girl, there’s nothing better than cosying up in a casual glam loungewear co-ord.

It doesn’t matter what your favourite style or colours are, because we’ve got you covered with our huge collection of loungewear. There’s so many loungewear sets to choose from you’ll be dressing to destress in no time.

Whilst all of these little tips and tricks to achieving comfort and relaxation, we know how difficult it can be to properly take care of yourself, sometimes reading or having a bath isn’t enough.

We’ve included some links to some online and local Manchester based mental health support, because poor mental health can have a huge impact on you emotionally and physically. If you feel like something doesn’t seem right with yourself or someone you care about, then please seek help and advice from any mental health services available to you!






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