The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Getting Fit In The New Year

Wanna try and finally stick to that resolution to get fit for the new year? Sick of the thought of another piece of choc after overindulging this Christmas, but hate the thought of a grueling fitness regime? We feel you! We’ve created the perf guide for lazy Luxe gals who want to whip themselves into shape for 2019 with minimal effort.

Look The Part



Because we all know that looking good is the ultimate motivator! Get yourself a fire new gym ‘fit and grab some on ear headphones (‘cos anyone in the gym with on-ear headphones looks like they know what they’re doing!).

Head To A Class



Gym classes are your new bestie- not only do they have an instructor who can teach you new exercises and keep you on track, but the fact that you’re workin’ out with a group means it’s harder to give up! Nobody wants to be the one seen sneaking off halfway through (but yes, we’ve all been there).

Make It Quick



Freaked out at the thought of an hour spent on the treadmill? Keep your workout short and intense with a HIIT session. Push yourself to the absolute max for 20 mins then reward yourself with a lil online shopping!

Watch N Work



Love spending your evenings in front of the telly or binge-watching a series? Why not add an exercise break when the adverts come on or in-between eps? A few minutes of squats and sit ups could make a real difference, so use your TV to get toned!

Get Some Inspo


Unsure where to start or hit a plateau? Start following some fitness Insta pages and watching their workout videos to get some inspo on new moves and routines. Take your new knowledge to the gym or try a home workout just like your fave Insta fitness babes.


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