The Most Aesthetically Pleasing Fruits To Add To Your Shopping List

Whether you’re after some stunnin’-to-look-at fruit to help trick your mind into eating healthier or you wanna give your Instagram some wholesome content, here are some of our fave’ aesthetically pleasing fruits that you need to add to your fruit bowl. Body and Insta’ feed lookin’ glowing AF? Yes, please!


No, but why is a pitaya fruit prettier than us? *cries* Also known as a dragon fruit or strawberry pear, pitaya is probs one of the most aesthetically pleasing fruits to grace the world. I mean, look at her! A pitaya is deffo’ a Kiwi’s hot older sister. The pitaya fruit is perfect for adding colour and flavour to juices or alcoholic drinks, and for also being as garnish afterwards. It’s pink outer shell and white inside that’s dotted with black seeds is like a piece of artwork.


If you wanna get on a health hype and are lacking some much needed natural nutrients from being stuck in lockdown 24/7, then you deffo’ need to add Carambola to your weekly shopping list. Also known as the starfruit (how cute!), Carambola is full of antioxidants and vitamin c, giving your skin a radiant glow! A native of South East Asia, you’ll find this beaut’ fruit in your local Asian supermarket. It’s also totally Insta-worthy!


Live your best hot girl life and feel like you’re on a tropical vacation while you tuck into a delicious watermelon, the perf’ fruit for adding to a smoothie, alcoholic beverage ore just eating on its own. It’s safe to say that watermelons are in the god tier when it comes to aesthetically pleasing fruit, and they also taste like summer, right? Brighten up your fridge and Insta’ feed when you add a watermelon to your weekly grocery haul.


All green everything, baby! We are living our green tones and palettes right now, which is probably where our love for Kiwi’s stems from. Apart from the fact that they are juicy and delicious AF, kiwi’s are so aesthetically pleasing, especially in a fruit salad! Whether you have a kiwi in your morning smoothie or your Acai bowl, this beaut’ lil’ furry fruit will definitely make you wanna fill up your tummy with a healthy breakfast.


Probably one of the cutest fruits there is, we are totally obsessed with the rambutan right now. I mean, look at it! Small and furry on the exterior with a colourful interior, the rambutan fruit is the perfect appetizer for picking up your mood at lunchtime. Whether it’s a salad, curry or or ice-cream, this gorgeous and aesthetically pleasing rambutan fruit is to die for.


How could we make a most aesthetically pleasing fruits list and not include strawberries? An absolute classic, this bad babe is deffo’ one that will get your taste buds watering. From smoothies, strawberry daiquiris and sponge cakes, is there anything that a strawberry doesn’t taste good on? Packed full of vitamins and fibre, you can elevate your health kick when you add them to your trolley every week.

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