The Stages Of Getting The Ick As Told By The Kardashians

Ah, the ick… Here we go! Getting the ick is most of the time an irreversible part of a relationship. Once those warning signs start flashing at you, you’ve gone past the point of no return, babe. Their laugh that you once found cute becomes annoying, their tardiness that you used to excuse irritates you to the point of anger, and things as ridiculous as them getting their hair cut turns your stomach. Sounds crazy, right? But the ick hits hard. This dating term that has been coined as “the Ick Epidemic” has been circulating amongst women across the globe, and it seems like there is no cure. Whether you want to know what the ick is, how to know if you’re getting the ick, or tips on how to get rid of the ick, we’re here to help. 

What better way to take you through the stages of getting the ick than by memes of our favourite family, The Kardashians. If anyone has been through some horrible dating histories it’s these gals. I mean, surely Kim got the ick when she married Kris Humphries for just 72 days? 


Let's get started...

What Is The Ick? 

Getting the ick starts off subtle. It usually kicks in around the third or fourth date, and the person you once wouldn’t shut up about to your squad all of a sudden starts to make you cringe. Whether it’s the way they eat their food, the emojis they use, or the way they walk, getting the ick comes quick and fast. The mere presence of them makes you want to grab a bucket and vomit! From the moment you first recognise that you have the ick, we’re sorry to say that it’s almost impossible to subdue those feelings, girl. You simply won’t be able to look at that person in the same way! 

What Does The Ick Mean?

What does the ick mean you may ask? As harsh as you may feel at experiencing a sudden repulsion towards the person you’re dating, it’s a completely common occurrence that most women experience at least once in their dating history. Whether you’ve caught the ick after meeting them a few times or you’re getting the ick in a long term relationship, it means that some part of you doesn’t want to be with that person, and we always suggest trusting your intuition. Your subconscious is sending you a huge amber alert, babe, and she doesn't lie.  

Getting The Ick In A Long Term Relationship

Getting the ick in a long term relationship can either make or break a couple. First of all, if you find yourself getting frustrated or annoyed at your partner then this is totally normal, especially if you have been together for a number of years. However, you shouldn't get "the ick" confused with deep rooted issues or problems within the relationship. It pays to try to identify what it is that is bothering you, reviewing whether they are rational or not, and then acting upon it. If you feel like you're getting the ick in a long term relationship then speaking to your other half is super important.

How To Get Rid Of The Ick 

It can be quite difficult not to flip out at the person in question. After all, even the way they tie their shoe laces or walk up the stairs makes you want to scream in their face. However, we suggest respectfully biting the relationship in the bud as early as possible when you start getting the ick. The person is most likely innocent, and it’s totally not their fault that you have been hit with a sudden bout of the ick. It happens to the best of us, babe! Instead of being harsh by blocking their number or ghosting them, be mature and explain to them that you don’t think you are compatible with one another, or you can’t see the relationship developing any further. Yes, you might have the ick, but it doesn’t mean the symptoms allow you to be rude or unreasonable, (even if their name popping up on your phone sends shivers down your spine.)


Whether you've had an inkling that you've started to get the ick and needed to read this to confirm your feelings, or this has triggered the ick deeply in you (sorry not sorry), at least you now know everything you need to about the new dating term on the block. We hope for your sake that you don't catch the ick, boo!


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