The Summer Skincare Products You Need Right Now!

We all love a good skincare moment, especially when we feel pampered and actually see results! It’s getting to the time of year when we need to switch up our routines with some stellar summer skincare products.

You might even be one of those angels who has done fine with the same skincare routine since they first started applying moisturiser! No matter what your approach to skincare is, you’re going to love our summer skincare guide, so take a look and find the missing skincare product from your routine!

SPF Sweetie!

When to apply: it needs to be the last step in your routine.

SPF isn’t just for when it’s sunny! SPF doesn’t only protect against direct sunlight! There are UV rays all year round, but because the sun’s starting to come out more and in full force, so it’s more important than ever to apply suncream to your face every morning. 

Garnier’s factor 50 sensitive sun protection is infused with hyaluronic acid, which helps to keep your skin hydrated! It's cruelty free and hypoallergenic, so it's perfect for sensitive skin because it won’t be harsh on your skin and cause it to break out, which is not the vibe when it comes to summer skincare.

Garnier even has a factor 50 sun protection mist that sits perfectly on your full face of makeup without melting it all off! It’s also super easy to reapply throughout the day, so make sure you make it a handbag staple this summer!

Get to Know: Glycolic Acid

When to apply: after cleansing.

We’ve been all over glycolic acid since it took our Tik Tok feeds by storm! It helps to fight against acne and dull skin, all whilst gently exfoliating the skin to help give you a smooth glowy complexion, and with Tik Tok fame we know it’s a trusted skincare favourite. Our favourite is The Ordinary’s Glycolic Acid Toner, because it's affordable and just as good as any other toners.

Tik Tok has even shown us how we can use glycolic acid all over our bodies! It’s a simple and effective product that could be the skincare cure you never knew you needed. Whilst glycolic acid is this summer’s wonder product, all you sensitive skin babes should start slow with this one, just in case your skin doesn’t end up liking it!

Vitamin C? Yes Please

When to apply: in the morning, on clean skin and before moisturising.

Want to get a stunning summer glow without having to wear makeup? Vitamin C is the answer to all of your glow troubles! It works as an antioxidant that helps to brighten the skin and unleash your inner glow, so you’re never going to have to worry about the no-makeup makeup trend ever again once you’ve nailed your skincare routine for fresh glowy skin.

Make sure to research what strength of vitamin C is right for you, but if you’re ready to deep dive into vitamin C and feeling boujie then go for the La Roche Posay Pure Vitamin C10 Serum. It’s a gorgeously lightweight serum that’s been enriched with our ever-faithful hyaluronic acid, and salicylic acid to help you exfoliate the skin. It’s a winner for us.

Gorgeous Gorgeous Glow

When to apply: after any skincare or makeup. 

Now this is a product we can get behind. The Utan CBD Tanning Water is the ultimate beauty product that helps you achieve the perfect glow all year round. But what makes it great for summer is when you’ve been applying your SPF properly, and your face doesn’t quite match the rest of your body, this tanning water helps gradually tan your face to match the rest of your body!

What makes this product even better is that it’s infused with calming CBD and organic lavender oil, which work together to soothe your skin and fight against breakouts and redness! So if you’re too scared to put your usual face tan on your sensitive skin, then the Utan tanning water is going to be an essential step in your beauty regime. 

Scrubbed and Smooth

When to apply: after a long hot soak in the bath or the shower, then rinse.

Skincare doesn’t stop at your face babes! You have to look after the skin from the top of your head to the tip of your toes, and for you huns looking for a full body glow, look no further than the Frank Body Coffee Scrub. This body scrub is an exfoliator that’s made up of ground coffee beans, sea salt, along with moisturising almond oil and vitamin E, a simple combination of ingredients that leaves you with gorgeous glowing skin. 

Your new coffee scrub is going to help take your self-care night to the next level, after a cosy bubble bath, and a good scrub with your new favourite beauty product, make sure you apply your favourite body moisturiser to really help nourish your skin. Trust us babes, you’re going to look great. 

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