The Top 4 Beauty Buys You Need For Freshers 2020

Congrats, gal, you’ve made it to Uni! Whether you’re coming back for another year or you’re taking your first steps into ‘adult life’, you’re gonna need to have your beauty regime down to a T. Wondering what primer will keep your makeup from moving all night, or what’s the most kissable lipstick? (you’ll thank us later), we’ve got you covered with all things freshers beauty 2020, babe


All good faces start with a great base, so if you’re sat there wondering ‘why do I even need to wear primer’ wonder no more, gal. Not only is primer great for creating a smooth, even base to apply your foundation, it’ll guarantee that your makeup isn’t going anywhere. For all our high street loving babes out there, you’ll wanna make sure that you add the ‘Elf Mineral Infused Face Primer’ straight into your basket. With a weightless formula, this primer is perf’ for hiding any fine lines and is ideal for all skin types. Plus, it’s vegan and cruelty free! Whether you’re stressing about that uni deadline or wanna dance the night away at your fave bar (socially distanced of course), this is the perf’ freshers beauty product.


Every gal loves a tan and this freshers week 2020 will deffo’ be no exception. You’ll wanna make sure that you make a lasting impression on all your new house mates, so the last thing you wanna do is look like a ghost in all those fire pics you’ll be taking! We’re obsessed with our St. Moriz Dark Instant Tanning Mousse which is perf’ for this freshers week 2020. In just four to six hours you’ll have a gorj’ tan that’ll be sure to glow get ‘em. Looking for something a lil’ more lowkey for all those lectures you’ll be attending? Then opt for our St. Moriz Medium XL Tanning Mousse for more of a casj’ vibe that’ll still have you looking fire.

False Lashes

A night out look isn’t complete without a pair of lashes, girl! Perfect for that volumised look, our Yasmae Cosmetics Bali Faux Mink Vegan Lashes are an essential for freshers 2020. Whether you’re new to the lash game or just wanna spice up your beauty regime to look like a total hottie, these lashes are totally in this season. Add the finishing touches to your glam with these full and fluffy lashes

Eyebrow Serum

Looking for some extra growth in those brows, girl? If your brows have been looking a bit sparse lately and in desperate need of some TLC then our UKBrow Eyebrow Enhancer Serum is deffo’ a game changer. Rock those natural vibes for when you’re too hungover and slay those zoom seminars with this eyebrow serum, it’ll make you look wide awake, boo. And even better, this serum is cruelty free and Vegan. Freshers week 2020 won’t know what hit ‘em, gal. 

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